How soon until Jim Harbaugh is available?

Discussion in 'Roster Zone' started by ghst187, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. ghst187

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    Double OT with Army?! That’s as bad as losing to Appalachian St.
    he’s had enough time to build there plus no more Urban Meyer...
    can’t imagine he is going to meet expectations...
    And if he gets canned after another underwhelming season, would you want him?
    May be a better fit in pros,....?
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  2. Rockport

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    How soon till you get banned?
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  3. SeanLee50

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    He’s overrated. TTUN has a ways to go to be the best in that conference.

    Keep him away from Dallas. If you’re going college ranks you go after Lincoln Riley
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  4. Ranching

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    Lol!!! Woahhhh, Nellie!!
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  5. ghst187

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    Good one. (Not really)
  6. DcFootball4

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    He doesn’t stay places that long. I don’t want another Parcells, where he builds (or trys too) a team then bounces. I want long term commitment and our groceries have already been bought. I think we can win with our guys, just need the right HC. JG last chance imo. Definitely don’t want another defensive switch to 34. Morons for letting Zimmer get away cause of that switch.
  7. Rayman70

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    Harbaugh makes JG look good. PASS. He is a HC at one of the greatest institutions in the world, and barely BARELY beats teams like Army. The play calling is atrocious. Makes Bo Shembleckler and Woody Hayes look like creative geniuses offensively lol. Dude is a headcase as well.
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  8. Hardline

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    Our next head coach is Lincoln Riley.
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  9. darthseinfeld

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    And you want him?
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  10. LACowboysFan1

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    Who cares if he's available? He's not better than Garrett, if that...
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  11. John813

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    If he's fired Stephen Ross will hire him.
  12. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

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    Army got 42 top-25 votes in the AP Poll and 91 in the's not like they're a D-III school.

    They finished last season 11-2 and ranked 19th in the AP lol
  13. Swanny

    Swanny Well-Known Member

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    Kellen Moore
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  14. Ron12

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    In 5 years Harbaugh has never beaten Ohio State enough said do we want him in Dallas #Hell #No !!:thumbdown:
  15. Jake

    Jake Curmudgeon

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    Jim Harbaugh is a clown. His brother, the Ravens coach, is better.

    The Cowboys don't need Jim booger-eating Harbaugh. :rolleyes:

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