Humor: Tony Romo Realizes He Should Have Used Ability to Read Defense Back When He Was Still Playing

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by links18, Jan 27, 2019.

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    From The Onion: "Admitting that relying on the skill set was fairly obvious in hindsight, CBS commentator Tony Romo realized Friday that he probably should have used his ability to read defenses back when he was still playing. 'Aw, jeez, you know, being able to determine whether the secondary was staying in man or dropping into zone would have been super helpful back when I was under center,' said Romo, who acknowledged for the first time that his aptitude for identifying blitz packages and dissecting coverage schemes would likely have improved his play at quarterback."
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    I assume he’s talking about the years from 2006-2013. Where he basically confirmed sometime around 2013 it finally clicked for him.
    Hence when he was playing those final games we hardly lossed.
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    So funny.
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    Is this a joke!! This is on him and any offensive coaches he has ever had!
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    It’s from The’s satire.
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    Oh! My mistake.
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    Good times
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    This is tongue in cheek.
    It's not real.
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    So football is like life.

    By the time you've learned enough to make playing the game easier
    you wake up one day and find that you can't get in the game anymore.
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    His early years Tony was a turnover machine.

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