I am going to the Walmart. Anyone want sumptin? QB?

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by GimmeTheBall!, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Hadenough

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    Cheap imitation of a true franchise QB. Just good enough to prevent Dallas from packaging a block buster deal to trade up and draft Trevor Lawrence in 2020 draft. He already prevented Dallas from drafting Watson and Mahomes.
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  3. Corso

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    Beer salt. I love sal con limon!
    Beer... duh, we gots beer salt and *****.
    And banana leaves. You have no idea how many uses those things have!
    And grab Harpo Marx, if you see him. Everyone needs a Harpo Marx.
  4. Corso

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    I'm glad I don't work with "material".
    That's what stuntmen are for.
    That was about actors who do fight scenes.

    never mind!
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  5. GimmeTheBall!

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    That's no place to buy 2. and No. 3, lad.
    I will take you to Best Bye or Amazont
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    Can you bring a good owner back, oh heck, any owner not named Jones.
  7. Gameover

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    For you to get lost and never to find your way home

    Look who’s at the tippy tops of another list!

    Isn’t that the bum who can’t pass downfield?!
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  8. RGV_C_Los

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    Dz eggs, bacon and bread

    Thanks. Saves me a trip

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    Coffee, Eggs, some Longhorn Cheese, beans and potatoes. Some diet A&W, couple tins of biscuits, and some tortillas. Maybe some whole milk, that's about it. Thank you!

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