I can't believe it?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by reboot, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. reboot

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    :eek: What a waste! I can't believe they traded completly out of the first round, and passed on Stephen Jackson. He has Emmitt qualities. What are they thinking anyway? :confused:
  2. guag

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    Clearly Steven Jackson isn't the guy Parcells wanted. Neither was Kevin Jones. If he wanted them, he would have them. Parcells obviously sees something in Julius Jones... in Parcells we trust.
  3. Mavs Man

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    BTW, isn't it Steven Jackson?

    Stephen Jackson plays for the Atlanta Hawks.
  4. Phrozen Phil

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    We will live with the decision and we may come to love it.... :D
  5. baj1dallas

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    impossible to like the decision now, but its not like theres any way to change it. hard to imagine julius jones lasting more than 2 seasons though. i think he's inferior as a prospect to his brother, who never really panned out.
  6. TheHustler

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    i dont think its fair to say thomas jones is done. i think he'll be a very good back.
  7. Huge

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    I'm not mad because they passed on Steven Jackson (or Kevin Jones or Chris Perry). I'm mad because they traded out of a first round that was loaded with talent. If you don't like the RB that's there or you're waiting 'till the 2nd to take your RB, use your first round to address another need position. If they wanted Julius Jones, wait 'till the 52nd pick....he would've been there.

    It's nice having two 1st next year but next year's draft isn't projected to be anywhere near as loaded as this one.
  8. cowboys30

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    Plus Bill said if they were to use #21 or 22 (whichever it was) they would have gotten K.Jones.

    I hope Bill will develop Julius into an all-star.
  9. Chuck 54

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    are you serious? I can see liking Jackson, but does he even have 1 quality that is at all similar to Emmitt? They are nothing alike.

    Jackson is a speed guy who runs down hill and takes on tacklers.

    Emmitt was a shifty twisting RB with quick moves who avoided hits to get every inch out of every run.

    Jackson is an excellent pass receiver...Emmitt average at best.
  10. ChesterCheetah

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    Like Jerry said, that extra 1st rounder next year was too much to pass up, and they did not think there was a big difference in the first 6 backs on the board. If Buffalo has a horrible year and that turns into a top 10 pick, great. If Jackson an K.Jones look great and J.Jones stinks then, bad. Just another situation where it is too early to tell.
  11. BlueStar22

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    Are you guys serious? You should really be over this by now. :(

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