I guess the haters are right about Tony!

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by seamus18, Oct 8, 2013.

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    Just look at the numbers, if you don't believe me. I went back and rewatched the game and noticed quite a few things. Not one time did he sack Peyton, not once! He never even got any pressure on him. Are you serious?And let's not even talk about his coverage skills! He couldn't cover anyone Sunday. Useless! Short yardage, goalline, 3rd down...not one tackle. Come on! I expected more, hell he couldn't even run the kickoffs out past the 20. When he didn't make that crucial tackle at the goalline at the end of the game to get us the ball back, I had seen enough. The numbers don't lie folks...Choker! ;)
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    The lame part is that there are actually people who want to act like it's Romo's fault that the defense we have couldn't stop my high schools offense.
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  5. seamus18

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    It's only lame if you are a Romo hater, which you obviously are.
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    This isn't really needed at this point. Almost everyone knows Romo had a once in a career type of game and wasn't the reason they lost. The few that don't either don't care or won't change their opinion. Just move on.
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    “Just what I’ve been saying, he’s just a premier quarterback and he played his butt off for us,” said defensive tackle Jason Hatcher . “The defense didn’t do a good enough job to win. We should have got off the field on third down and made plays.”

    “Tony played fantastic in the game,” said linebacker Sean Lee . “The defense let us down in the game. It starts with a guy like me. I didn’t play well enough. I didn’t make enough plays. The offense played fantastic. It should squarely be on the defense.”

    “They’ve got a great quarterback across the way, maybe the best ever, but No. 9 played pretty well today,” Witten said. “Probably the best game I’ve seen him play in a long time – if not the best. I’m proud of him.”

    “I thought Tony played a fantastic football game,” said head coach Jason Garrett. “You know, we were up and down the field, he made critical throws throughout the game all over the field. Unfortunately, in that particular case, they made the play and that was the difference-making play.”

    Critics will always moan and grown but the only opinions that matter to me is that of the Owner, Coach and players.
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    Fail. You could've put this in one of the many romo threads.
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    3 offensive TD in 2 road games.

    15ppg avg. in 2 road games

    Defense 1 road TD
  11. tyke1doe

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    I understand your point, but coaches and players are always going to defend their guy, unless there's a personality or character problem. So guys sticking up for their teammate is really irrelevant because even Ryan Leaf, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow had guys vouching for them while they were starting and under center.
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    No they don't. Houston players right now are not out defending Shaub. I know from playing enough organized sports those guys in the locker room theirs is really the only opinion that matter. Let me say critics always are critical of a player but it does not matter if they believe in the player. Who cares what a Stephen Smith or some other talking head idiot has to say it has no bearing on the player themselfs only thing that will matter is do the player inside that locker room have faith in them.

    I grant you that what someone says to the media and what their true feelings may be behind closed doors we don't know
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    Time to get over what Tony did or didn't do in that game.
  14. GimmeTheBall!

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    What is lame is people who feel no one should walk out of lockstep. That people with other views are somehow evil. That discusssion and thought is bad.
    Eddie, my forum brutha, remember what our mommies tolt us? "If you can't say nothing nice . . . ." Mine too but she said it in Hungarian and it sounds menacing but it aint.
    So let us go forth and do not disparage lest you half something to add.
    in two or more syllabus.
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    I can't speak for Eddie but there are tons of "Tony was great, Tony was awesome this week" threads on here already.

    Instead on adding another thread a post on any of them would be fine & worthy of discussion.

    Maybe LAME was because of that? Just a thought.
  16. BotchedLobotomy

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    I am ashamed to admit I clicked on this thread.
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    Holy crap, people, lighten up! Sorry that I started another Tony thread. I guess one too many. I was trying to make a point, sarcastically, I will admit. But just a point nonetheless. Now you see why I rarely ever post messages.
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    IF tony won 3 straight SB MVP's you would still be competing with ufcrules as the #1 romo hater on the board. Need to stop trying- ufcrules owns that distinction
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    I'll settle for a few more road TD.
  20. Frozen700

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    All you are doing is feeding the sewer rats.

    Leave them be, there is a reason they only rise to the surface every now and then.

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