I hope there are no more bug bites for a while

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You may have seen my previous post where I got bitten at night by some kind of bug all up and down my arms and legs. I feared bed bugs, so I set out some of those bug traps. However, the bugs caught in them looked more like fleas. So I gave my cat some anti-flea meds, but I got bitten a bunch more. Yesterday, I took her to the vet, and she found no fleas. What I think may have happened was the fleas sensed the flea meds somehow and all jumped ship onto me. Therefore, yesterday I sprayed all around my apartment, especially in the cracks and crevices with this Ortho pesticide that's designed to kill, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, and probably some other stuff. Then I put a can of this Hot Shot fogger insecticide into each room, and let'em rip. Per the instructions, I got out of there with my cat, and her litterbox in my car for two hours. Then I came back and opened windows and turned on a fan, and got out of there for another two hours, also per instructions. Of course, as soon as I started the fogging, a bunch of snow started coming down, and it was a lot. So I got to hang out with my cat in my car. I did do some shopping. I left her in the car with the motor running so that she wouldn't freeze. I have an anti theft device on it, and it's insured for theft. Plus, I didn't stay in the stores very long. It was mostly me and my cat hanging out in my car while it snowed.
I actually took pictures of my arms and legs. I hope this has fixed it. Plus, in this weather, I've left my humidifier off, and the humidity went way down to about 15 percent. I hear fleas have a tough time surviving in that. An exterminator's Youtube vids said I should do a follow up spray in about three weeks because larva can survive in a cocoon. I hope spraying with just Ortho is okay this time. Using the foggers are a pain in the butt. You need to protect all your dishes, food, and clothes in plastic bags, and then wash them afterwards, especially the clothes, and in hot water. It was quite the project, but it will be totally worth it if this works.