I was told only JG makes game managment mistakes

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by dargonking999, Sep 6, 2013.

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    Yet here we have a SB winning coach who not only had his team completely unprepared for the second half of the game, nor did he "see the replay" of Welkers non-catch.

    Now according to some people around here Jason Garrett is the only head coach that is capable of making such bone-headed moves. In fact he's the only coach in the NFL that makes mistakes that "cost" there team games (that non challenge lead to the march down the field for the TD and the ensuing onslaught that came about)

    So I guess maybe this is where the "realist" come in and say will he's won XX number of games and won a superbowl so therefore he's allowed to make mistakes because he's proven he's a winner? yea, You're full of it
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    What are you talking about? Every coach makes mistakes, yea.

    To my knowledge, JG is still the only coach to ice his own kicker and cost his team the game.
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    This applies to SB winning QBs too. Both Brady and Manning threw picks at the end of playoff games last season. Oh and they were win or go home games too! :)
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    Logic based upon a flawed assumption. Nobody believes JG is the ONLY HC to make bone-headed plays. The difference is that a guy like Harbaugh has a track record of success, while JG continually blows.
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    I wish we had a button to block people who bring up the "iced his own kicker" crap. You can find legitimate reasons to not like Garrett,
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    I agree. That line is the biggest hog wash I have seen. Garrett was not icing his kicker, special teams coach comes running up calling for the TO and Garrett called the TO they were not icing the kicker.
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    For grins it should be noted that so called icing the kicker does not work at least according to the stats
    FG Pct by Distance, Since 2001
    10 Seconds or Less in 4th Qtr

    Iced Not Iced

    Under 30 yds 100.0 96.7

    30-39 yds 100.0 80.8

    40-49 yds 73.7 69.8

    50+ yds 77.8 37.5

    Total 83.0 70.2
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    I've seen a lot of people bash Garrett but I don't ever recall people saying he is the "only" head coach making boneheaded calls. In fact, I would submit you see a bonehead call or two on a weekly basis elsewhere in the league.
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