I worry about Dak fumbling

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Redball Express, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Redball Express

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    Like this..

    Or this..

    More like this..

    And I pray we have this..

    What do you guys worry about for tomorrow.?

    Let's have it.

  2. AmariChill

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    Dak and his passing game. I want him to PASS.THE. DAMN.BALL. We got people like Gallup and Coop and we hardly ever throw them the ball downfield. Many of these throws and catches can turn into explosive touchdowns that we don’t take advantage of. I’m sure it’s not all Dak’s fault (Scott and Jason G. I’m looking at you) but if we wanna win from now on, we’re gonna have to make plays that don’t involve just dumping it off to Zeke.
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  3. CATCH17

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  4. Rockdoc

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    i want to win too
    but dont worry
    gonna be a tough game
    we have played without our full team
    cant stress until game on
  5. Redball Express

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    Here is where we separate the men from the boys to use that cliche.


    we have come off as boys not being able to finish.

    So hoping the worm has turned..

    another cliche.
  6. jazzcat22

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    What have to been watching, or not watching.
    Not every play is a dump off to Zeke. They have thrown the ball downfield.

    Contrary to popular belief not every play by other teams is thrown down field either.

    They do however need to connect more often if that is what you are referring too.

    And Dak's YPA is amongst the higher averages too.
  7. Blackrain

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    Honestly I worry about some horrible penalty or mistake on Special Teams at a time where it cant be overcome . I feel like ST is the weak link . Other than that Im stoked and ready to see if Goff can take our best shot
  8. CalPolyTechnique

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    Yeah, that's not close to being true.
  9. ItzKelz

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    The last 9 games Dak has fumble once and has literally been in the top 5 in every passing stat there is. I'm not worried about Mr Clutch at all....
  10. LovinItAll

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    Ye of little faith....

    In Dakota We Trust!!!

    Go Cowboys!!
  11. Flamma

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    I just want the D to smother Goff like the Bears did. He was a turnover machine. If I'm worried about anything, it's Goff having too much time in the pocket.

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