Identify which team this fan is for

Reverend Conehead

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This might be extremely tough because there are 32 teams, but see if you can identify this fan's team allegiance.

Hey! Someone's rooting for the other team in OUR stadium! Let me throw a D battery at him .... ahahahaha, hit him in the temple, look how hurt he is. Hey, look! A player on the other team that I hate is hurt and is being taken off on a stretcher! Ahahahahaha! [cheer, cheer]. I love it when the enemy gets hurt! I hope he's paralyzed and never plays again.

All right, I traveled to NYC for the draft. I sure hope they draft the player I want. WHAT? That drafted that bum? BOOOOOOOOO! HISSSSS! BOOOOOOO! What? That might hurt his family? Oh, @#$% you, he's not who I wanted.

[back at a game]
What kind of stupid halftime show is this? @##$ Santa Claus! BOOO! HISSSSS!
[Throws a battery at Santa]
I'm a proud fan! I got arrested at [name of old stadium] 21 times, and I got arrested at [name of new stadium] 8 times! I'm a trooper. I'm a real fan. Hey those fans of [team I don't like] are a bunch of unclassy bums.