Implications of McGovern playing well, this year and next

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by buybuydandavis, Nov 24, 2020.

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    Despite a lack of snaps this year and last, McGovern is playing well. Currently in our healthy top 3, per PFF. That passes my eyeball test too. Looney and Knight round out my top 5.

    Can't keep him on the field unless one of our top 2, Martin or Williams, plays T. Will Martin play T the rest of the year? And continue when Knight gets back?

    Will Biadasz take over for Looney when he's back from IR? If Looney continues to play at his current level, and Jerry is determined to get that playoff berth to be crushed in round 1, I don't see Looney giving up the spot, though I hate to see Biadasz miss the chance for developmental snaps.

    Then next year, with Collins and Tyron back at T, Martin goes back to G.
    Then what?
    McGovern fights Biadasz for C, and Williams for G.
    At worst, he's first off the bench interior lineman. Maybe, finally, they cross train Williams for T?

    Oline is looking pretty strong for next year, and McGovern is the focus of the decisions to be made.

    Oline PFF Grades
    90.8 Martin
    71.0 Williams
    67.8 Tyron - Out
    67.8 McGovern
    62.8 Looney
    60.2 Knight
    56.9 Erving
    53.3 Biadasz
    46.9 Steele
  2. tunahelper

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    McGovernator starts LG next year. Martin at RG and Collins at RT. Biadasz takes over center. OL will be reset and prepared to play muscle football again.
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    Great Post but I'd highly suggest you scout the top 15 Olinemen in 2021 Draft because the Cowboys will draft an Offensive Lineman with 1st or 2nd RD pick. They have to because of Tyron health
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  4. Twisted Dawg

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    I'm not sure we can count on Biadasz long term. He had two different injuries in college, and now gets a hamstring injury while merely stretching during warm ups. He may be another glass body Sean Lee----good guy, hard worker, good player when healthy, but chronically injured.
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  5. Jake

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    How could Williams be second? I've read here several times that he should be cut and replaced by whatever trash is sitting at home on his couch.
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  6. Cowboy4ever

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    I don’t believe this is true. They are banking in Tyron to be healthy. So when you look at the entire picture I think they are good with their ol. Smith Williams/ McGovern, the rookie center, Martin and Collins. They will have. Knight- who has played decent in relief, looney for all 3 interior positions, Williams/McGovern and Steele with more experience and time in the weight room. They may go for bpa in the 4th or later rounds and get an OL but I doubt they spend a premium pick on one.
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    It’s a good “problem” to have.

    let McGovern compete with Williams at guard and/or biadasz at center.

    As we can see from this season. We need the depth either way.

    I can also see a long term
    Future that involves Martin at RT and LC as the left tackle.

    which opens up need at guard.

    depends on tyrons health. Though I’m not ready to write Tyron off yet.
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  8. conner01

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    McGoverns problem has been injuries
    He’s never really had a training camp
  9. Fla Cowpoke

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    Id keep Lael at RT and have Martin take LT. I think Lael would struggle on the left.
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  10. Redsfan_83

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    I think you are right in that they bank on Smith, but in no way should we have been doing so the last few years....this is the frustration of being a Cowboys fan since the 90's
  11. Kaiser

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    I watched the game again to focus mostly on McGovern. The thing with this game was he was playing between two veterans with a simple assignment to beat the guy in front of him - which he mostly did on run downs. When he was playing earlier between Biadasz and Steele he was lost and tentative, I wouldn't get too far out front on McGovern's development. He still has a long ways to go on technique and handling the normal assignments of an OG.

    I like McGovern and in the offseason thought he would be the starting Center if he got preseason reps at the position - but all that got wiped out. He certainly has the upside to be a solid starter but in the Vikings game he was protected and given a simple assignment, IMO we can't make the call on him until late this year or early next year.
  12. buybuydandavis

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    Williams has often looked bad. He looked bad early this year. Maybe it was the knee, maybe just that the knee limited his ability to train and practice for this year.

    But it's not that big a trick to be second on this oline. Looney and Erving are career journeymen. McGovern is 2nd year with a red shirt first year and no real camp in his second year. Get Knight back, and it's a 2nd year UDFA.

    If Williams stays healthy this year, he should be a high quality starter next year. Injuries have slowed down his development. And he came here at 21. Tough row to hoe for a finesse college T to come in at 21 and play LG, where power is at a premium.
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  13. dsturgeon

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    Mcgovern Tyron, Mcgover Martin, Martin Collins, whatever combo you make, run the ball that way
  14. big dog cowboy

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    Can't wait to see McGovern healthy and with a full off season. Great draft pick.
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    Goodpost, but one cannot account for injuries. Collins and smith gone in the blink of an eye. Looney got hurt. Biadasz filled in quite ably and then he got hurt. Zack missed time with concussion. Knight and steel also got injured. Can't ever have enough linemen, wr's or corners. We've been snake bit this year. Only the rb's have been spared.
  16. Hardline

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    Tank for Sewell.
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  17. Gaede

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    Agreed. If we have chance at a better center in the draft, having Biadasz wouldnt stop me
  18. Zekeats

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    Muscle football with a guy who lost his burst and a pass happy offense. Can’t wait
  19. Cowboyny

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    I believe the bigger issue is having a quality backup Tackle as we just don't know the long-term health of both our starters. We should be fine with our three interior lineman.
  20. blueblood70

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    we wont have to Pay Cwill thats bottom line Mcgovern takes over at LG Biadasz is going to be the future, no rush, dude needs to take some hot yoga classes hes out 3 weeks over hammy pull in a walk thru warm up..might be a learning experience to lose your starting job over a walk through injury,lol

    Looney should stay there for now , why because we need consistency, gelling and after the win trying to keep this group of 5 together will help game to game
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