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The Drama Zone has been renamed to the Overtime Zone (OZ).

This is not simply a name change!

As many of you have noticed, the traffic and numbers of posts have increased on CowboysZone and that is causing a lot of great threads to disappear from the Fan Zone's front page a lot faster than in the past and ultimately fall into the Fan Zone black hole (page 3 or higher) where they are unlikely to be read by most users.

This also leads to a lot of reposts and duplicate threads being posted in the Fan Zone because posters have no idea it was already posted if it is on page 4 or 5 of the Fan Zone.

Back when the Drama Zone was created, there was a real need for it. It was not just about negative posts as there are always plenty of those in the Fan Zone even now. The main reason for the Drama Zone was to provide a place for users to gripe and complain about dead-horse topics without being thrown into mega-merged threads.

The Drama Zone provided a way for us to let the users vent and share their frustrations and opinions among other like minded users without bothering and harassing the majority of the users who simply wanted to discuss Cowboys-related news and information.

While the Overtime Zone will still provide that option, the primary goal for the Overtime Zone forum is to provide a place for more targeted user and featured topic discussions so they can gain more exposure and have a longer lifespan than they would in the Fan Zone.

Right now, if you go to page 3, 4, etc. in the Fan Zone, you will see a lot of topics you either missed or forgot about that were posted in the last 24 hours. There are so many good threads created in the Fan Zone but there is only so much space available for them on the Fan Zone front page.

The Overtime Zone (OZ) helps mitigate that problem by providing a way for less populated, yet good discussions to get longer exposure and promotion to users while helping more widely interesting threads in the Fan Zone to stay in front of users there longer as well.

To be clear, this is not just a forum rename despite what some may think. I have moved the Overtime Zone to the second forum slot on the home page and added it to the menu bar at the top of the page as well.

It will take time and we as a staff are still trying to figure out the exact details of what and when threads should be posted in or moved to the Overtime Zone.

We ask that you be patient as things will get better and smoother with that process in time!
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