Is Cee Dee going to save Dak's new contract?

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Redball Express, Jun 20, 2020.

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    Like I said..that stuff never affected me. Just indirectly.

    But it's something people will not admit to much.

    And if I ever did it..I have addictive tendencies so that would scare me for sure.

    I like to do something and if I like it..I will camp on it until I master it.

    Figure it out to the point I can figure a way to control it to my advantage.

    Did that in real estate and mortgage brokering. But gambling? Odds?

    Too freaking scary.
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    It is scary if you have a problem. But I'd say the vast majority of people that gamble have it under control.

    True story. This is a good example of gambling going too far. A toll collector I used to work with out of exit 6 used to work the afternoon shift, 2PM to 10PM. This is the exit that leads you right to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. 10 minutes away from a casino. The money is picked up every morning from toll collectors throughout the day. Most normal people finish up their shift, bank out, and throw the money in the safe. Not this guy. He knew he had a solid 8 hours before they came for the money so he took it to the casino. Played for a few hours and then banked out at around 3 in the morning. Need I tell you how this ended? I don't know what makes me sadder, the fact this guy needed to do this, or the fact it took the NJ Turnpike over 2 years to figure it out.
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    Oh yeah.

    It's hard to not do that sort of stuff.

    Especially if it seems like easy pickens.

    When I was first selling insurance, the guy who was training me used to always tell people to pay him in cash.

    He told them it put the policy in force faster. Which I later found out was wrong. It goes in force once the policy is issued..which could be weeks later.

    But he would collect cash. I never questioned anything. One day the manager came looking for my trainer. I was the agent of record and the policy owner wanted to cancel the policy with a refund.

    But the office never got the paperwork or not binding deposit.

    Turns out my trainer had never turned the sale in and pocketed $200 in cash.
    Crap hit the fan, he was fired. Apparently he had had issues about turning in paperwork and money before.

    I had to give them a statement that I had no part in what he did. He was a long time agent and they covered the whole thing up.

    I stayed about another year with that company but left with other things happened I did not want to be a party to.

    People I just rarely trust. If they see a way to take advantage, they just do it. They think if you are dumb enough to not discover it, shame on you.
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    A lot of businesses try to cover things up because it looks bad for the business. Especially in that line of work. Insurance. That's supposed to make you feel safer.
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    I finally left the business and went into Real Estate and Morgage brokering after that same insurance agency defrauded another client.

    By that time I was a Unit manager in charge of training new agents.

    I got a call on a burial policy. Normally a straight forward thing. You get with the policy holder, pickup the policy, give them a receipt and the company sends them a proceed check.

    Nothing to it.

    But this call..I sit down with the client and she is upset, her husband is at a funeral parlor and she has no money to bury him.

    She hands me a shoebox. In it are receipts on the policy saying cancellation is happening due to none payment. I finally see a cancellation notice and I close the box, give her a receipt and leave.

    I get to work the next day and turn in the shoe box and write a report. Later that morning the District manager comes in and tells me the policy expired 6 months earlier and no payout due.

    Apparently, a previous salesman had taken out loans on the policy, sold the insured a new policy paid for by the money from the old policy and had told the insured to save all the receipts but ignore them.

    When the policy lapsed..that was it. But the salesman got commissions on the new policy.

    I hit the roof. How was I going to tell her we could not bury her husband?

    How was I going to explain how we embezzled her money to defrauded her?

    My District manager said he would handle this personally and he and I would bring her a check.

    The next day he has a check for $5000 plus interest.

    We go and give her the good news.

    The next day I resigned.

    I could not take it anymore. The company was New York Life.

    I went on to do well in real estate and mortgage brokering but it was a very eye-opening experience .

    Real estate was much more tightly controlled about client relations and handling of money and jail terms for mismanagement.

    But still, I saw people losing licences and getting put in jail for funny business. Money, especially easy money is always there for the sharp and quick.
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    It's also there for those foolish enough to believe they are smart enough to exploit a crack in the defense. When I worked for Verizon in the accounting department there were loopholes too. But I have no doubt that in the insurance business there's going to be a lot of money, and where there is a lot of money there will be people looking to take advantage the first chance they get. We hear about those that get pinched. But there are those that get away with it.
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    Yes sir.

    Well we killed this topic..


    Now back to Dak.

    Oh..he's going to sign?


    Maybe I can look up if they are looking for sex offenders in the Girl Scouts?

    Seems like all the TV commercials want to know if you were in the Boy Scouts or Cub Scouts and were you offended?

    I think I will call them up and tell them I was offended as a Cub Scout, then again as a Boy Scout and it confused me so bad I turned onto a Girl Scout.

    That aught to shake the money tree.

    Need a new Corvette baby.


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    Dude, this is great. Even though I am talking about odds and this and that, watch you be right. That's how gambling works.
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    You should see my better photos. A regular Gregory Peck, she'd say!
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    1. Dak doesn't need saving, he's going to be the quarterback for the next few years at least. So whatever Cee Dee does won't affect that part of Dak at all.
    2. $50 mil a year? No way the top quarterback salary is going up 30% in one year, if the top salary was like $5 mil a year, sure, that's only $1.5 mil, but jumping $15 mil in one fell swoop is something can do.

    I will say there's a chance Cee Dee makes a big impact, Amari's health last year took a dive, that may be a yearly thing, he missed 2 games in 2017, played but was hurt late last season. Hopefully not, but if so Gallup may not be able to become the no. 1 receiver, though he is more experienced than the last time he tried to be the no. 1 receiver.

    IF the NFL gets to play, will be another interesting season...
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    I approve of this message.

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    Oooh, now i'm intrigued!
  13. Fastpitch Dad

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    :laugh: For that I am happy for you! Haha
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    I've had this avatar for a long time and don't plan on changing it anytime soon.

    I picked that one out because it has a Cowboy theme to it and it's kinda funny.
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    Redball should put ALL of us on ignore...
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    Your whole thing about ticket prices and the cable deal make no sense. If they can increase the ticket prices or charge more for TV rights and make more money that way, they already would have done it. And if they can do that, where are the losses you're talking about? They can only charge what the market will bear.
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    The losses have not happened yet.

    But they will.

    Businesses are based on projected income.

    That is how the salary cap is figured. When it goes's because income has gone up.

    Any logic will tell you less gate revenues means less TV contract money. Advertising income will definitely decrease if sponsors are not seeing sales.

    Now how long this lasts is anybodies guess.

    I used to be in the insurance sales business. Auto insurance goes up because income does not meet losses plus a reserve the companies must have on hand. That number each year is recalculated to make the net income reach the projected profit envisioned.

    So most businesses follow this model. You can suffer losses for awhile, but after awhile your reserves get exhausted. Then you sell the company to another company looking for losses to right off the profit they are making.

    So after awhile there is no more competition only monopolies that control prices.

    So there is the issue. Yes ticket prices will rise over the long run. But in the immediate future, it may actually get cheaper because they need cash paying customers to keep things from getting worst financially.

    These big deals like Dak is looking for may become dinosaurs soon. Teams will not do them.

    We shall see.

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