Is it realistic to think we can keep Gallup after this year?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Jun 16, 2021.

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    What do we do at WR after this year? That answer is easy, according to the Ramsey over Zeke crowd. We trade CeeDee Lamb for Ramsey in an even player trade.

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    If he has a big year... I dont see us just letting him walk. We can release cooper, if Im not mistaken, and that is just as likely. Or maybe Cooper agrees to restructure his deal? BUt I think we will try to keep him if he has a big season.
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    Can we? Sure. Will we? Not likely, unless like you said, we cut Cooper. Dallas isn't likely to pay two receivers No. 1 money, especially when it just drafted a receiver in the first round a year ago. It can create the space needed to do it, but it isn't good business.
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    I wanted to swap him for CB Gilmore. Solve the CB issue.
    At this point however, getting another solid year of production out of him will be valuable and I have to think we get a fourth or third round comp pick when he walks so any trade for a pick now will have to be better than that, probably a second.
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    Gallup may be a Alvin Harper type player and he may not be. I feel like the cowboys made the correct decision in signing cooper to the deal they did and if lamb is who we think he will be Gallup would forever be relegated to 3rd guy. I think regardless of the season 13 has he’s out there in free agency. And from there it’s on the team to locate his replacement. I would like to see Gallup stay in Dallas, but not at the expense of Cooper
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    This is a list of FA we will lose in 2022 Some of these guys could be cut this year to help with cap relief.
    I dont even want to speak it but this depends on players staying healthy for the year. Gallup could be tradeed if another Contender were to lose their WR.

    Keanu Neal SS 27 DAL TBD $4,000,000 UFA - I think he will have a good year and it will come down to money

    Leighton Vander Esch LB 26 DAL TBD $2,961,945 UFA - If he balls out he could be resigned or extended this year Unless Parsons and Cox suck I dont feel that he or Jaylon will be on this team next year.

    Cedrick Wilson WR 27 DAL TBD $2,183,000 UFA - Cedrick has been a Pet Cat of mine but every year he has gotten some type of injury If he is healthy he could be Gallup replacement????
    Brent Urban DE 31 DAL TBD $1,750,000 UFA - ?????
    Carlos Watkins DE 29 DAL TBD $1,750,000 UFA -??????
    Ty Nsekhe RT 37 DAL TBD $1,750,000 UFA - Hopefully one of our younger Ol steps up
    Connor Williams G 25 DAL TBD $1,372,247 UFA Market Value He could be replaced just for Cap reasons
    Darian Thompson FS 29 DAL TBD $1,250,000 UFA - Does he make the team this year??
    Maurice Canady CB 28 DAL TBD $1,250,000 UFA - Does he make the team this year?
    Jake McQuaide LS 35 DAL TBD $1,212,500 UFA - Miss JP already lol
    Bryan Anger P 34 DAL TBD $1,212,500 UFA - He is suppose to be the Fav but he is a Punter lol
    Damontae Kazee S 29 DAL TBD $1,127,500 UFA - He will bounce back and we wont be able to afford him
    Jayron Kearse S 28 DAL TBD $1,127,500 UFA - ?????
    Noah Brown WR 26 DAL TBD $1,127,500 UFA - Could be signed to a fair contract
    Jeremy Sprinkle TE 28 DAL TBD $1,127,500 UFA -Not sure he makes the team but if it comes down to him and Dalton it will be who ever had the better year

    Randy Gregory OLB 30 DAL TBD $1,045,000 UFA - This is what going to be interesting, Jerry has stood by him when No One else did. Im hoping that he remembers that and gives us a little discount. He is going to have a good Year and I would hope that is that happens that they try to extend him this year somehow.

    Cooper Rush QB 29 DAL TBD $920,000 UFA - Doesnt make the team this year
    Rashard Robinson CB 27 DAL TBD $907,500 UFA - ????

    Michael Gallup WR 26 DAL TBD $880,995 UFA - RG and Gallup is two players I would love to keep but not sure how we are going to do it. I agree with the fact that I dont think we can keep Cooper and Gallup. Cowboys made a way out on Cooper next year. If Cooper has a troublesome year with injuries and we see Cee DEE take a big leap We may just let Cooper walk. I dont fee that we have to have Gallup to play like a # 1 but if he and Cee Dee ball then it makes Cooper expendal unless he took a pay cut.

    Justin Hamilton DT 29 DAL TBD $835,000 UFA -

    Garrett Gilbert QB 31 DAL TBD $835,000 UFA - If he is the BU QB then they may extend him
    Deante Burton CB 28 DAL TBD $835,000 UFA - Cut
    Malik Turner WR 26 DAL TBD $835,000 UFA - Cut
    Dorance Armstrong DE 25 DAL TBD $782,499 UFA - Depends on his year
    Dalton Schultz TE 26 DAL TBD $728,090 UFA - They will try to keep him if he progresses from last year
  7. Cattle_Rancher

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    Id trade Cooper and sign Gallup.
  8. Bullflop

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    Cooper has become one who is great when healthy but those days are becoming less frequent with each passing year. I'm seeing Cooper as becoming less valuable than Gallup, mainly by way of his unavailability. If we're able to find a team willing to pay a fair price for Cooper, we might possibly be wise trade him in favor of retaining Gallup. From the looks of things, Cooper's productivity is very likely to dwindle, with each passing year. His foot and knee woes aren't likely to be going away anytime soon.
  9. daboyzruleperiod

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    It’s likely the Cowboys could let someone else pay Gallup a massive salary, & replace him w/a similarly skilled player w/another day two draft pick.

    I know it’s hard for fans to let their talented players go sometimes, but this could be the smartest move roster-building wise.
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  10. Bullflop

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    It surely seems a fair assessment that one of Gallup or Cooper will have to be traded or released within the weeks ahead. It's really not an easy situation to face for us, as fans, to accept such things as necessities. Sadly, the facts are such that practicality sometimes overwhelms the possibility of retaining everyone that we've become attached to. Personally, I'd love to keep them both but sometimes, necessity prevails. o_O
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  11. Buzzbait

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    I agree wholeheartedly. I see Gallup as more valuable to the Cowboys in the long run than Cooper. Cooper's health is an unavoidable issue and cannot be overlooked. In my book if one goes it's Cooper. Gallup stays.
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  12. glimmerman

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    Get rid of Cooper and we could keep him. Let’s see how Lamb does this year.
  13. Future

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    Yes, they can easily keep Gallup.

    Assuming a $205m cap, all they really need to do is the standard, built-in restructures for Dak, Amari, DLaw and the OL, and release Jaylon (~$68m savings).

    The only important FAs are going to be Gallup and Gregory. It's easy to let Connor Williams and LVE walk.
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  14. Doomsday101

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    Lamb is on a rookie deal for the next 3 season with a 5th year option. His contract is very manageable so I don't see the Cowboys trying to move Lamb. As for Gallup I would like to think he would remain but I highly doubt it.
  15. atlantacowboy

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    If he has a good year and Amari is not healthy again, I don't know why we would keep Amari and let Gallup walk. We have an out on Coopers contract after this season. I think cutting him leaves us like 6M in dead cap but would save us 14M in cap space.
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  16. aikemirv

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    Cooper is a 6 mill dead cap hit next year. Depends on how his season and nagging injuries go. It may just make more sense to let Cooper go and sign Gallup for Golladay money because that is what he will get at least. A lot may depend on their feeling toward Simi Fehoko as well. Lamb is the only one I see here for sure for the next 3-4 years

    Amari is Daks go to guy though so I am not sure how he functions without him. There is a lot to consider but Amari's dead cap hits for 22 and 23 make his tenure here questionable.
  17. GMO415

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    Coops gone. Sign Gallup.
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  18. DandyDon52

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    Gallup is the only wr who catches go route deep passes.
    He is the one who makes big catch when the team needs a big play, Amari does this at times too.
    I think they should find a way to keep him, but no telling what jones boys do.

    Chances are he gets a better offer on another team, so maybe better for him to leave dallas. He might get more targets with another team
    I hope he leaves, better for him in long run and money wise.
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  19. Bobhaze

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    It makes sense to release Coop at the end of this year. If Gallup has a year similar to 2019 where he topped 1,000 yds, he will be entertaining offers beyond the ridiculous money Kenny Golladay got this year- 4 yrs, $72 mil. If Gallup has a solid year, he’s going to be able to get at least 4 yrs, $80 mil, which is ironically about what Cooper’s making. I just can’t see the Cowboys keeping Cooper and Gallup next year.
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  20. Bobhaze

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    I don’t know if the Cowboys “easily keep Gallup”; he’s going to draw good market value next year. If the Cowboys do the June 1st release of Jaylon Smith and Cooper and maybe Zeke, plus let Connor Williams and LVE walk, plus do restructuring with Dak….maybe, lol.

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