Jason Garrett: The Unsung Hero

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Stryker44, Feb 7, 2020.

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    Remember the 1-15 Dallas Cowboys

    Remember Troy Aikman, broken, defeated, SHUT OUT, and sacked 11 times by the Philadelphia Eagles? A broken man, in tears. Who built Aikman into the QB that won 3 Lombardis?

    Who taught Aikman to read multiple formations?

    Who simplified the offense and gave the OL confidence in their ability to block?

    It was Jason Garrett, the man with composure, the Princeton-educated warrior.

    Letting him go was a BIG mistake
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    :facepalm: Why do this?
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    Jason Garrett? An unsung hero?


    It’s a little bit too early for April Fools, my friend.
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    Aikman's backup?..........Did you mean to say "Unhung Zero"?
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    OMG....are you on drugs?
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    I’m pretty sure this post is a joke, but you missed the fact that Jason Garrett didn’t join the Cowboys until 1993. Were he and Aikman pen pals in 1989 or something?!? lol
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    We haven't heard a lot about old 8-8 in what? A week?
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    A true BDSM connoisseur........thanks for trolling.
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    Bless your heart.
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    Is this thread a tribute to the late great Terry Jones?
    It's certainly Pythonesque.
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    You know the answer to that........you just needed to ask him what kind.
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    I gave you a "like" for the best troll thread....this week.
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    If not, he should be.
    That dude must've bumped his head... lol
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    It was time. Sometimes you just need to make a change if sputtering in same mode despite whatever progress that’s been made.

    Garrett’s greatest accomplishment beyond his often top 10 offenses carrying this franchise has been his influence over ownership on reshaping how our front office runs football operations.

    Under his tenure we named Will director of scouting and eventually asst director of personnel under Stephen. The drafts , Mgmt of personnel and Cap all drastically improved under Garrett’s tenure.

    The ultimate measure of Mgmt is are we in a better place than when you took over. And I can’t imagine arguing we aren’t in a better place than when he took over in 2010 at 1-7 despite how frustrating the process and disappointing sone of the season have been.

    We had our best run this era on the field winning 3 of the last 5 divisions coming as close as we’ve been to reaching a championship game matching playoff wins of the previous 4 HC’s.
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    What? No demeaning nicknames for him? Your slipping diehard.
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    Click bait BS. This is garbage
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    And that’s enough overtime zone for me lol

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