Jets O-Line?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Elusiv1, Oct 11, 2019 at 6:58 PM.

  1. Elusiv1

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    Interesting stat line on the NY Jets. They have given up 18 sacks the last 3 game . I'm looking forward to a sack party..I'm not sure about turnover party because i haven't experienced that with our Boys since the 90's. Maybe if our DB's turn around and look for the ball? They are always in position but never turn around?? Especially Anthony Brown!! I swear he likes to look at other wide recievers *****, he has a hell of an in game fetish!lol
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  2. Zordon

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    CZ pre-game comments the last 10 years: I can't wait to attack <insert random team> weakness!

    CZ post-game comments the last 10 years.: Why didn't we attack <insert random team> weakness???


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    Ya, nothing like beating up on another dead-beat to keep the facade going here...
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  4. Elusiv1

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  5. sureletsrace

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    In before we have less than 2.5 sacks
  6. Elusiv1

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    Exactly!! This game is one of those snoozers for me as well until we beat a damn team with a heartbeat.
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  7. HeavyBarrel

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    Never gets old, every other back up in the league plays like a future HOFer against Dallas. meanwhile Chaz Green......
  8. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Lmao so true
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  9. aria

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    The Jets SUCK! Worst O lone in the league, given up the most sacks. I’ve been saying since the beginning of the week that this is where Dlaw gets 2-3 sacks and people will be all up in his jock for awhile forgetting who he was going against. Kinda like our entire team for the first 3 weeks.
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  10. Techsass

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    On the radio today they were blaming their Oline for Bell's lackluster showing so far. Not sure what shape Darnold will be in, but he's bound to help them out a bit. Still it should be a good game for everybody on our D to pad their stats.
  11. Whirlwin

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    Is something wrong with you people. This should be a great game. Especially if you believe we're on the same Talent level. I guess I enjoy football more than some
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  12. Jake

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    The last 3 games they had third-string bum Luke Falk at QB, who did his line no favors.

    Last year's first round pick Sam Darnold is back, which means folks just looking at the Jets numbers without him are going to be hopping mad Sunday.
  13. ScipioCowboy

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    I honestly don’t think Rod or Richard even bother scheming for weaknesses. The game plan is the same every week.
  14. Whirlwin

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    I love it we always get everyone's best we're America's Team.
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  15. Whirlwin

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    Kris Richard man coverage. That's a scheme. The defensive line needs to disguise. With the linebackers
  16. unionjack8

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    Yep. Infuriating. Its like they think they are being intelligent by game planning at the opposition strength because they will be expecting us to attack their weaknesses and not be ready....haha
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  17. Whyjerry

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    I am cautious about this week. Jets will be well prepared. Dallas won’t be. It will be closer than you think.
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  18. Elusiv1

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    I'm with you 100 percent! We have seen this movie before!
  19. Mr_C

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    You couldn’t work in a Dak is no good theme?

    Oh I get it. If he plays well it’s because the Jets are bad.

    Got it. So you don’t have to post Monday if you don’t want.
  20. charron

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    only the last 10 years? teams getting better

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