John Cominsky, DE Charleston

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    John Cominsky, DE, Charleston


    John Cominsky came into the combine with some questions about his level of competition, but there's no doubting his athleticism after what he did in the field workouts. Cominsky blazed the 40-yard dash with a 4.69 40 despite the fact that he weighed in at 6-5, 286. Those are the same measureables Aaron Donald had five years ago.

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    What round do you think he goes in? We need dline help bad especially if we don't resign dlaw or dlaw sits out.

    Freakish numbers for a guy his size.
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    He's definitely making people take a second look. Seems like a guy that still needs quite a bit of work as he's not much of a pass rusher.

    My guess is he probably was a late third day guy that has jumped into the early third day portion (6th/7th -> 4th/5th).
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    Probably sixth or seventh maybe even undrafted since from a very small school. Same as his running mate at DE Daniels. Could be those great finds.
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    Being that big and that athletic and not putting up impressive stats at a small school is definitely head scratching...admittedly I haven’t tried to dive into his tape yet, but definitely someone worth looking into.

    Hell, I’d draft him as a DE/TE. If he can’t learn some pass rush moves I’d see if he can catch and try to develop him on offense. His height/weight/speed is freakish enough to earn him opportunities in the nfl for a while. Someone will draft him for sure...and probably overdraft him
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    Wait, Aaron Donald was 6-5, 286?
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    Just watched a quick cut up of him at the senior bowl. Looks to have some natural lower body strength but absolutely no pass rush moves and no idea what to do with his hands. Maybe he can be coached up, but he looks like a camp body to me based on just a cursory glance.

    EDIT: Also he had a good interview on NFL radio earlier, liked what I heard from him but man does he have a long way to go before he belongs on the field with the big boys.
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