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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Verdammung, May 2, 2021.

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    Have to rest our hopes (well mine anyway) that the Cowboys can have success in a similar vein to the early 1990's teams - keep rotating average to a bit above average guys in and out, keep o-lines busy....
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    I think Dallas is trying to reverse this with the SS to LB stuff. I think it might work, if they had the correct interior DL as well. I just don't see it without a big quick trashcan full of dirt though. I know Seattle utilized DE/DL guys who could move around and I think this is what they are trying to do now. I think they are trying to use the idea that speed kills, and make it all about speed. Much like you said -- 90's Cowboys defensive line. Dallas said we can't beat the linemen physically anymore, so we will just keep coming at you with big strong fast guys, and hope to wear down the IOL. On the other hand, Dallas put in the bigger IOL and said ESmith will destroy you because you don't have enough size. So you either draft size with speed, or you draft speed and hope the smaller size can hold up if they get swapped out enough.

    Back to the LB situation. If the Will can be moved to a SS role, it allows for the D to keep the Sam on the field, or move him to ILB.
    Right now if they run Parsons, Cox, Neal --- they really wouldn't need to leave the field. Cox is known for coverage. Parsons was a DE at one point but has speed and tackle ability. Neal can chase and can cover like a SS.
    Want a 4-2-5 -- Cox moves to Mike with middle coverage or spy, Parsons blitzes or has flat or back, Neal has flat or picks up the TE. 4DL
    Want a 4-3 --- Cox plays Sam and has TE, Parsons - Mike, and Neal - Will and chases. 4DL
    Want 3-4 -- Gregory stands up and usually rushes but can cover flats, Cox/Parsons plays other side and usually has flats but can rush, and Parsons/Cox and Neal are the ILB. Tank lines up on one tackle, 3T moves out to tackle on the opposite side and 1T plays the NT.
    All this without ever having to take a player off the field, and can throw all of these looks at the QB.

    All of this works EXCELLENT with one guy in the middle that demands a double team. Makes TONS of sense.............if the IOL aren't blowing the DL off the line and pancaking the LBs.

    Add longer DB's and I can easily see where they are going with it.

    But I don't see how it is really going to work if they don't have the one guy who demands the double because if I were the opposition Offense Coordinator -- I would challenge my 330lb IOL to pancake their little DL and LB's and run straight at them all game long. Even if it didn't work early, I would expect it to work when the smaller guys get tired.
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    This this draft was void on talent. After taking time to study the draft the only pick that was anomaly was Nahshon Wright. Without getting a corner in the 1st we were kind of forced into grabbing Joseph. I don’t mind Odighizuwa, from everything I’ve read/heard is he is strong against the run. When I hear Quinn mentioning a 34 base Osa position flexibility comes to mind. Golston pick brought out a lot of criticism as well and this to me shows the talent deficiency in the draft because not much talent level was left at this position. I’m guessing they liked Golston against the run, which separated him from Ronnie Perkins. My guess in they were targeting a 1T trash can a little earlier but lost out on Shelvin and Slaton, hopefully Bohanna can fill this need.

    My initial disappointment in this draft probably had a lot to do with a lot of the draft simulation sites. It seemed the players I thought the cowboys were interested in were always available in the 2nd and 3rd round. Not the case in real draft. The other obstacle that I think was a huge issue was incomplete medicals. I know this is pretty pessimistic but my hope from this draft is that Parsons will be an All Pro, do everything linebacker. Joseph will forget about his rape career and concentrate on football, allowing him to start opposite Diggs. Osa can be a rotational, positional flexible dlineman. Golston will take Armstrong’s place on the roster and hopefully get lucky with the other picks.
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    Props for actually explaining why you dont like a pick. Thought that was impossible to find on here
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    If this draft nets two quality starters and two quality rotation players it will be successful. My confidence that happens would be less than 50%.
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    I agree on Osa. I think he's gonna be a good one.

    Actually, I agree with you on most counts. Sometimes you have to look more at the football talent than size/athletic ability.

    I wish I had payed more attention to him when I watched UCLA, but I didn't. I know he sure looked good at the SR Bowl....both the practices and the games. I never saw him get thrown around. But, I didn't focus on him for five games like the original poster.
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    My response to your Osa evaluation

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