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    I am so happy Jason Witten returns to my weekly focus. I do not expect him to climb into the top 3 in receptions, but here is where players stand anyway.

    1. Jerry Rice...1549
    2. Tony Gonzalez...1325
    3. Larry Fitzgerald...1303
    4. Jason Witten...1152

    The next closest active player...28. Antonio Brown...837.

    I could have put Brandon Marshall or Antonio Gates in there, but I do not think either will play in 2019, and barring injury Brown will pass them both this year anyway.

    Where Jason can absolutely climb though is career yards. He currently stands at 21 all time. Here are the steps up, including a couple that are probably too high. Art Monk, the White Chickens all time greatest is about to be overtaken.

    16. Torry Holt...13,382
    17. Andre Reed...13,198
    18. Steve Largent...13,089
    19. Irving Fryar...12,785
    20. Art Monk...12,721
    21. Jason Witten...12,448

    The important one to me though is whether or not he can catch or pass Dez Bryant for the Cowboys all time receiving TDs mark? He would need 6 to be alone at 1.

    1. Dez Bryant...73
    2. Bob Hayes...71
    3. Jason Witten...68

    Dak Prescott is climbing all of the statistical charts in Dallas, but there are two in particular this year that he is going to move pasts someone. I am putting the guy he won't catch, the guy he will and him in the chart. The first is Passing TDs...

    5. Don Meredith...135
    6. Craig Morton...80
    7. Dak Prescott...67

    ...and the second is Pass Completions...

    4. Roger Staubach...1685
    5. Don Meredith...1170
    6. Dak Prescott...965

    Now, let's talk about him as a runner vs. other QBs in our History. He's definitely going to pass quite a few RBs in rushing yards and TDs this year if he keeps going the way he has been. But the fact is, he will move up the list on some legendary QBs in Dallas in those 2 categories. Here's a look first at Yards. He's averaging 315 yards rushing per season. So let's just keep him at that average and show where he stands to move up.

    1. Roger Staubach...2264
    2. Don Meredith...1216
    3. Troy Aikman...1016
    4. Dak Prescott...944

    Yep, he may trail only Roger by season's end at his current rate. The next fact will blow your mind. Rushing TDs by a QB in Dallas.

    1. Roger Staubach...20
    2. Dak Prescott...18

    You're perfectly free to call me crazy, but that is beyond impressive to me.

    Well, we might as well transition from him to the bell cow runner in Dallas. He's poised to move past some legendary names himself. Let's say he has a disappointing year and only gets 1100 yards. Check this out.

    4. Calvin Hill...5009
    5. Robert Newhouse...4754
    6. DeMarco Murray...4526
    7. Marion Barber...4358
    8. Ezekiel Elliott...4051

    Is that any good? Now, before anyone asks if he can get even higher with a 2000 yard season, the answer is no. 3rd is Don Perkins at 6217. A tad out of reach. Still freaking impressive.

    Where I would really like to see Zeke improve is rushing TDs. He had 15 as a rookie. If he could do that again...wow.

    4. Don Perkins...42
    5. Calvin Hill...39
    6. Robert Newhouse...31
    7. Walt Garrison...30
    8. Ezekiel Elliott...28

    3rd is Marion Barber at 47. It would take 20 rushing TDs, but I think that is possible, but not plausible. I could be wrong. But imagine this, he's nearing a point in his career already where it is only Emmitt and Tony above him. I repeat...wow.
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    Good to have your input, Hos.
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    absolutely fantastic read! better than what the guys on dc.com post....well done
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    After 23 years I could give a good damn about an individuals stats. Just bring us fans a 6th SB!
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    That is really good information to know Mister. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.

    Let me be kind and reciprocate really good information right back. One good turn deserves another don't you know.

    You should go ahead and put me on the Ignore feature, because this is the only kind of stuff I post here any more, usually long after I have shared it with fans I know care.

    Have a fantastic day okay.
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    Wow, good to see a Hostile post.
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    You do a great job with these...I look forward to the in season updates!
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    No. Hostile.
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    Great to see a Hos post! I don't think we ever engaged but I lurked here for many years and remember your contributions fondly.
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    The astounding thing about what Zeke is doing is that he has missed the equivalent of half a season already. The man has missed 6 games due to suspension and two because the team sat him in two meaningless season ending games.

    I suspect that if they have a good season in 2019, he will be held out of the final game again and still will be 4th all-time in rushing yards (in team history) going into 2020. Barring a lockout, strike or injuries he will have two HOF backs ahead of him after 5 seasons...the kid is a special talent and on pace to be a Hall of Famer. They nailed that pick man!

    Regarding his rushing TD numbers, I wish they ran more in the red zone instead of being in spread so much. We'll see what Moore does to remedy his lowered number of rushing TDs. It may ultimately affect Dak's rushing TDs that Hos posted.

    @Hostile...good to see you post brother.
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    Dedicated to the team, but not to the team's negative fans. They've become cliche' and boring.

    As you can see, most people like the dedication put into the information. I share for them.

    Some don't like it. Some don't like me. You surely do not have to like me nor the information, but this is who I am, and if you don't like it, then it is best to ignore me. If that is sensitive in your eyes, I can live with it. I call it intolerant. But I am at least honest and will tell you I just don't matter. I'm a nobody. So put me out of your thoughts.

    As I said, have a fantastic day.
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    Thanks for the info!! I'll definitely be tracking the progress of these players.
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    That’s how I feel....Witten stats are impressive and I love witten but if us going 6-10 sneaks us into the playoffs with Elliott rushing for 500 yards on 350 carries and dak throwing 44 picks gets us a super bowl I’m all for it
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    I gotta know which cheerleader that is in your signature?
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    If you take Zeke's career average (101.2) and multiply it by the 8 games he missed, that's another 810 yards. He would be close to 5,000 yards, maybe even past that mark.
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    Fantastic write-up. I bet we pass quite a few of those up this year.
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    Oh wow, the obligatory past 23 years post. Which in itself is BS.

    But hey, crap on.
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