Looking at some 2nd rd options for the Cowboys

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboyny, Feb 27, 2021.

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    This list is a great reminder of why we should not take CB at 10 and should trade down

    trade down to 16-22 and take Moehrig there

    then go Nixon and McNeill in rd 2


    Collins at 16-22 and take Grant and Nixon/McNeill in rd 2

    then you still have 4 picks in rds 3-4 and if you take OL, 2 CB, 2 LB then you have something
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    I personally don't see what the hype is but people I trust love him so I'm going with me being wrong. So YES.
    Absolutely YES.
    NO. Maybe to Nixon.
    YES to McNeill. NO, NO, NO to Wilson. Not at 44. Noooo.
    Maybe. Depends on Defensive players available.
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  3. KingintheNorth

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    You're kind of smart.
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    If we dont go DB with 10 and Im not disrespecting your post no intent and thank you,,,
    I just believe there is really good talent at DB and especially at the 10 slot in second round..
    I would love to see a player like Paulson Adebo somehow still sitting there, this Stanford prospect should be a first round prospect IMO.
    I would also easily draft Jay Tufele that big boy, he is like 310 bring instant upgrade on the interior of this DL.. USC product... he is a fine player.
    When you draft players like Tufele, they end up being top targets like Tomlinson after first contract.
    Thats how you have to draft, if you cant afford them after 1st contract then so be it and shame on you, but your value is what you can gain instantly, plug and play and if you can get that than you take it all day and Tufele is that big interior DL that can play like a 3 tech at nose... lol.. this kid has some wheels.
    When you see that you draft that.
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    That's a good point about the blocking scheme fit, it's something I hadn't considered. I didn't pay attention to whether they changed Garretts blocking scheme last year but I do know the play book wasn't supposed to change too much. I'm not smart enough to know if he would be a good fit in our scheme but I did find an article talking about Notre Dames zone blocking scheme:

    Notre Dame left tackle Liam Eichenberg, for one, lights up when he talks about a greater emphasis on an outside zone blocking scheme. He thinks it complements his and his teammates’ strengths.

    “I think outside zone fits us very well,” Eichenberg said. “We’re a very athletic offensive line, and yet at the same time, we have a lot of power and are very big. We have a lot of good athletes on the offensive line.

    Personnel Fits Greater Emphasis On Outside Zone Blocking Scheme (247sports.com)

    And a Giants draft article talking about his fit in Garretts system:

    He would excel in Jason Garrett’s power/gap system, and he’d likely be a ready starter over Matt Peart if the Giants aren’t comfortable with Peart's development.

    2021 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: OT Liam Eichenberg - Sports Illustrated New York Giants News, Analysis and More
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    Here is what I read on Draft Network, who are very high on the player:

    Liam Eichenberg is an NFL-ready starting left tackle who should find assimilating to the pro game fairly easy. Eichenberg isn’t the most fleet of foot and speed rushers with wide angles can test him off the edge, but sound fundamentals and footwork should have him positioned to contest such challenges with a fair amount of success. The ceiling for Eichenberg as a prospect is tied to the offensive philosophies of his future coach. He is best when releasing vertically at the snap in the run game and either double-teaming to the second level or stepping down to collapse and create a soft edge. Gap/power teams will unleash his power at the point of attack effectively and he’ll do well to create creases as guards pull or tight ends insert to lead the ball carrier through his gap. In all, Eichenberg is a part of a talented crop of 2021 offensive tackles and his ultimate place in the pecking order will come down to team preferences. He’s more impactful in the run game than he is in pass protection, but he was rather smooth protecting one of college football’s most unpredictable quarterbacks this past season, too.

    Ideal Role: Starting left tackle (plug-and-play starter).

    Scheme Fit: Gap/power heavy rushing offense with featured focus on running off tackle.

    I have seen him being slotted in that late 2, early 3 range, but will go higher due to the demand at the position around the league. Think if they do take a Tackle early, they are going to have to arrange their best 5 up front, perhaps moving Collins back to Guard.
  7. Cowboyny

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    No disrespect at all. The corner class is extremely deep, the team could go in another direction in rd 1 and still find a day 1 starter at the position. I'm a big fan of Adebo, but due to the depth he will be pushed into the 3rd rd, and even towards early day 3. He is outside Dane Bruglar's top 100 posted prior to the senior bowl. Think he should be there at 75. A lot of these teams will rate the corners very differently based on their schemes.

    As for Tuefle, I was high on him early in the process and hoped he would fall to us in rd 2. The more opinions I am hearing about him, has me thinking he isn't as highly valued as I thought. He has a lot of work to do with his technique, needs to get stronger and some believe he is just a 3T only. Heard recently that his teammate has a chance to be drafted ahead of him. Think he might be a high valued player that falls to the 3rd rd and the opt year hurt his stock.
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  9. JBond

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    How good is Moehig? I have no idea other than internet chatter.
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    What's the prediction on Grant's draft stock? Is everyone already saying 2nd round or even earlier? Kiper had
    him 8th or 9th on his safety list. Granted I didn't like a lot of the safeties he had before him.
  11. conner01

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    I think sr bowl made him a lock for second
    Maybe even early in the second
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  12. Cowboyny

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    Moerhig is a very rangy, single high safety that we need for Quinn's Cover 3 Scheme. More known for his coverage abilities, but he is a day 1, plug and play impact starter for this team.
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  13. Cowboyny

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    He is the #2 Free Safety in the class, behind Moehrig. Many believe he is an early day 2 prospect, top 40 player.
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  14. cowboyec

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    de carlos basham wf
    dt dayvion nixon iowa
    dt levi o washington
    s richie grant ucf
    s jevon holland oregon
    cb tyson campbell georgia
    lb zaven collins tulsa
    ot liam eichenberg notre dame
    ot walker little stanford

    im hoping we get grant or a dt in the 2nd.
    grant would be ideal...but i wonder if he sneaks into the bottom of rd 1.

    i really like basham and would have 0 problem if we took him.

    if grant is gone...i'd love nixon or levi o.
    i think fsu dt marvin wilson could be a target in the 3rd.
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  15. JBond

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    I really want a LB in round 1. Move back up to grab a safety?
  16. beware_d-ware

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    Jabril Cox is probably my #1 target in the 2nd right now. I think our defense would look so much better with even average LB play (Jaylon and LVE burned us SO often last year), and Cox is ready to start immediately. He's pretty much a zero-risk player in my book. As far as improving our team, I think he's your best bang for the buck.

    Jalen Phillips is a top 15 player in this class if he had a clean bill of health, but we have gambled on a billion second rounders this past decade and the issues that caused them to fall have showed up every single time. I'm just tired of dealing with it.

    McNeil is a really interesting height-weight-speed prospect at a position we badly need. I'm willing to flip that coin.

    Tyson Campbell is another size-speed freak in a league where size and speed plays for CBs. I'll take that chance.

    Eichenberg is a guy I see going round 1, another zero-risk starter in a league that's starved for starting tackles. If he somehow does make it to #44 it would be unbelievable.

    Richie Grant seems like a good prospect as a box safety and a bad prospect as a deep safety. In the box, he's a very physical tackler and is athletic enough to cover slot receivers in man. At free safety, he just doesn't seem to "see" space and predict plays developing like the NFL's best safeties do, and his aggressiveness gets him into trouble as the last line of defense. Probably worth a 2nd for a team who wants a ready-to-go hammer at SS, but I'd like to give Donovan Wilson a shot there, and Grant just doesn't have it as a FS.

    Moehrig looks like a CB playing FS: fast, fluid, attacks the ball. I don't see him as having great anticipation, a lot of receiver breaks seem to catch him by surprise. He reminds me a ton of Jesse Bates from Wake Forest, and I didn't like Bates' tape, but he has proved me wrong and been a total stud for the Bengals. I will go against my gut here and predict that Moehrig will succeed too.

    Ar'Darius Washington will get a million Antoine Winfield Jr. and Honey Badger comps as a super-small gamer at safety, but both of those guys had great speed and crazy smarts to boot. Washington is very good at diagnosing plays too, but he's not Mathieu good, and I really want to see his 40 time because he'll have very little margin of error for giving up steps.
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  17. garyv

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    I'm thinking it's Surtain or Farley in 1st Round
    Grant in 2nd Round
    DT in 3rd Round
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  18. Cowboyny

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    I see the same thing, but you know this front office has under valued those two positions for years. If we don't see them addressed to day 3 again, we know nothing has changed and Quinn doesn't have much of a say.
  19. cheyennes

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    1 Nixon dt
    2 Wiggins or Grant fs

    Cosmi or Latherwood are a late first round grade in many draft sites
  20. Cowboyny

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    -Washington might be listed at 5'8, but he could be closer to 5'6. I just cannot see a player that small making an impact. Teams will scheme ways to isolate him in man coverage against biggest players. Probably a nickel, slot corner in the NFL.

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