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At this point, we are looking somebody to fill in that Bond/Gifford role. We know Bond is out for the season and Gifford has been known to miss a few games.

Harper will likely make it, but stick to special teams. Jefferson is a guy who could find some snaps on defense and special teams.

Well, we really only play Gifford when a game is out of reach, so I don't think the fourth or fifth linebacker is going to see much playing time unless there's an injury.

Generally, we'll have Parsons and Cox or Parsons and LVE out there, with Kearse also playing linebacker in certain sets. I think Gifford sticks as that backup who we know isn't a total liability if he has to play. I agree that Harper is likely just special teams. However, those fourth and fifth spots definitely aren't set.


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Are you sure the training camp roster was already full?

As far as I know. When they moved Bond to IR, they already had 1 open spot. They signed 2 players, a LB Sam, and the K Hajrullahu bringing it the 90.
Unless there was a player released that I did not see. But I checked the transaction and roster and did not see any differences that I keep in a spreadsheet.

Actually they have 91, as Alacron has the roster exemption status.
I use the wiki roster as it is kept up to date pretty much daily, as the team website can be days to weeks behind and at times even over a month behind.
Maybe Stephen needs to spend some FA $$$ for me to keep it up to date. :muttley:


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Malik who?
Help a brother out...
He was a LB at Texas
Very good athlete but doesn’t have great football instincts
Bounced around mostly playing ST but looks like a good ST type player
May just be camp fodder but does have some experience and even if it’s just camp fodder he’d be better fodder than a guy with no nfl experience I think


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And your point is, they see gold in all these players, why can't you?? I swear people in here are so negative, this guy will lead us to places unknown to man
If they are unknown to man how do you know they exist?
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