March 8 Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cjlopez, Mar 8, 2019.

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    Always fun to do and watch the comments.

    Round 2. DL Willis or S. Turnhill (Virgina) or Ridley WR
    Round 3. TE Sternberger or. Buggs (DL)
    Round 4. A: DE Miller or Hart WR
    Round 4 B: David Stills WR
    Round 5. RB. Williams A&M

    What you guys think? I still like a few more than just one........
  2. Sydla

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    I am still not sure why people are hell bent on using one of our Top 3 picks on a WR.
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    I thought that way too but it is one of the few positions where a rookie can make an impact. I find myself adding WR's early when I run through First pick.

    Isabella and Butler are two of my faves.

    Cooper, Gallup and Isabella or Butler sound good to me.
  4. cnuball21

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    I have no interest in that either.

    4th at the earliest.
  5. tm1119

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    We have 1 proven WR. Gallup showed promise but is not a sure thing to be a starter at all, and Hurns is underwhelming and coming off a catastrophic injury. To be complacent about the WR position would be crazy
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