McCarthy better start clapping now

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboys1fan, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. Cowboys1fan

    Cowboys1fan Well-Known Member

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    We are missing the clap more than ever. I noticed Sunday that something just wasn’t going right. The defense can’t get fired up with a some good claps
  2. Lutonio

    Lutonio Well-Known Member

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    Like, how will the team ever know that their 3 and out is actually okay without some claps?
  3. Cowfan75

    Cowfan75 Well-Known Member

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    His head shaking is more relatable to the fans.
  4. America's Cowboy

    America's Cowboy Zone Supporter

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    You might be on to something?

    Garrett is no longer clapping while in New York, and look how the Giants are winless so far?


    At least Garrett kept us at or above .500 when he was in Dallas pumping up the team with his clapping.

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  5. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

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    The clap combined with the swipe.. those 2 things are the foundation for greatness! Both are irreplaceable!
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  6. Jipper

    Jipper Well-Known Member

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    Boys, my advice, avoid the clap
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  7. Aviano90

    Aviano90 Go Seahawks!!!

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    Big boy just stands there with a mask covering his Wade Phillips dumbfounded look watching this team.
  8. Bobhaze

    Bobhaze Well-Known Member

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    No one wants the clap.
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  9. catiii

    catiii Well-Known Member

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    Speaking of clapping, the JG Giant offense scored another 9 to make their season total 38 points lowest in the NFL. Clapping is overrated.:muttley:
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  10. dogunwo

    dogunwo Franchise Tagged

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    The "swipe" is just so overused and not cool now. In the beginning he did it only when he had a sack or forced a turnover. Now he does it even after he stops a ball carrier for a 6 yard gain.
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  11. 65fastback2plus2

    65fastback2plus2 Well-Known Member

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    I always liked that Wade and I had the same look watching the game.
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  12. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

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    The Swipe misses the Wolf Howl.
  13. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

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    Clapping sucks!...or is that the Clapper....:huh::muttley:
  14. Typhus

    Typhus Catching Catfish

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    No way,, Big M needs his own thing,, heavy butt slap could work for him.
  15. Crazed Liotta Eyes

    Crazed Liotta Eyes Well-Known Member

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    I did see him clapping one time when the team got a stop to force a FG attempt after allowing the opponent (Rams I think) to easily drive down the field. I reacted like Aikman when he didn't know the camera had cut to the booth.
  16. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

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    Maybe eat a hot dog on the sidelines. Barry Switzer can deliver it to him. :laugh:
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  17. Typhus

    Typhus Catching Catfish

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    I will always remember that moment.
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  18. DuncanIso

    DuncanIso Well-Known Member

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    We made a mistake getting rid of Jason.

    admit it.
  19. sunalsorises

    sunalsorises Well-Known Member

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  20. Howboutdemcowboys31

    Howboutdemcowboys31 Well-Known Member

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    How can you miss 8-8? If you do worse you get better draft picks, if you do better, well ya did better. Not saying we won’t go 8-8, but you can guarantee with Garrett we would’ve

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