McCarthy smashed watermelons with a sledgehammer

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Denim Chicken, Nov 23, 2020.

  1. Denim Chicken

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    Just came across that, what a great idea that obviously worked. Careful of the nay-sayers on here though who will be mad he had the nerve to motivate the team to win, and not lose
  3. gimmesix

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    The players should be motivated if McCarthy is willing to destroy food for them.
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  4. AsthmaField

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    lol, low blow... but still funny.
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  5. Denim Chicken

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    Garrett would never...
  6. John813

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    I dunno why the players didn't get fired up when Garrett threatened players of hurling his Italian sub in front of them?
  7. aria

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    When I saw the title I thought it had something to do with zeke’s giant noggin.
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  8. Denim Chicken

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  9. AsthmaField

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    I think the team may be coming around to the new staff. McCarthy and his coaches are so different from what Garrett and his old staff were that there was a transition period between them for the team. A shift that was complicated and hampered because of no offseason and very little training camp.

    The defense, particularly, is doing things so different from the old staff that the COVID enhanced switch was brutal for them.

    We’ve known that no offseason hurt all new coaching staffs but such a drastic change over after having 10 years of doing everything the same way might have been more impactful even than we know. And of course the extreme rash of injuries only added to the confusion.

    Now however, the team is fully switching over to McCarthy’s way of doing things and his way of thinking. They’re finally settling in. It is easy to see the difference between the team that will play Washington on Thursday and the first team that faced them this season.

    About a month ago I had doubts about McCarthy and what he wanted to make Dallas into but now, I’m finally starting to see things come together some. I’m beginning to like what he’s doing in Dallas.

    I do know that it has been impressive the way that the coaches have overcome such an extreme rash of injuries. I also like how he’ll cut bait with a player if he disappoints. The old staff would take way too long to get a bad player out of the lineup and put someone else in. Mike has no problem pulling someone.

    The rest of the season is going to be interesting.
  10. CowboysWillRise

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    I don't see Garrett smashing watermelons @Idgit.
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  11. ShortRound131

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    I really wish I were making this stuff up

  12. Risen Star

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    He doesn't have the patience to cut it up.
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  13. AmariChill

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    Only the Cowboys would emphasis something so dumb :facepalm:. They make it easy for fans and other teams to laugh at them. What a load of nonsense. I guess it worked though, seeing how Donovan Wilson was physical all night. Of course it takes absurdity to get into this team’s head.
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  14. dagreat1_87

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    whatever works i guess...
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  15. blueblood70

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    parcells move,, whats next mouse traps in lockers dont take the cheese against Washington lol
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  16. J817

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    Wasn’t there a comedian in the 80s who did that? I saw a Family Guy episode referencing him I think.
  17. AsthmaField

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    Nothing wrong with it. That’s the kind of things that coaches do.

    Remember when Jack Del Rio brought a stump and an axe into the locker room (“keep chopping wood”) and one of the players swung it and hit his foot?
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  18. fivetwos

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    Two questions.... ANY of today's players even GET the reference?

    2....Nah it was just one question.
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  19. AsthmaField

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  20. OmerV

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    I don't understand the negative comments. Sure it's unusual, but the answer in coaching isn't to make sure everyone is tense at all times. A little levity that everyone enjoyed and got stirred up by might have been good for the team.

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