Micah Parsons is the best defensive player in the league


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Parsons was the best player in the draft.

Said it then, still saying it now.

Only now, even the doubters agree.
Yeah. People giving Jerry credit for drafting him need to stop though. If anyone knew then what they know now. Parsons doesnt even end up out of the top 5. That is a guy you trade UP for if you know what you are doing. lol

Like I said. I wanted him in November when the Cowboys had a top 5 pick. People thought I was nuts.
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Micah Parsons walks his talk.

Parsons, who now has 17 sacks in his first 18 NFL games, the second-year star leap-frogging over the likes of Von Miller (14.5), Reggie White (14), Myles Garrett (14), Lawrence Taylor (12), Derrick Thomas (11.5), DeMarcus Ware (nine) and Bruce Smith (8.5).


“I don’t care what the offense put up, they could have zero,” he said. “But we gotta do our part. And I think we’re doing a damn good job at doing that. We hold two of the most elite offenses to one touchdown last two games and making them earn every little bit of it. That’s how you be relentless and that’s what we’ve been preaching.”