Micah Parsons will have how many sacks this season?


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Beat me to it! lol.

But seriously, any number is just a guess, it depends on three things:

1. How much interior pass rush can Mazi provide? (Assuming he starts, as he should, neither Hankins or any other DT on the team has his skill set). If teams have to have TEs help the center/guards handle Smith, Parsons will get lots of sacks just due to his sheer athleticism.
2. Will he play nearly every down at DE, or will they continue to move him around at LB and other positions? DE-only guys, or LBs that are designated to be "sack masters", like Ware was, tend to get the 20 or so sacks.
3. Will teams make it their priority to stop Parsons at all costs? If so, he won't get more than maybe 10, because no matter how good he is, he's not Superman, two good blockers can at least slow him down, if not nuetralize him alltogether. I remember the Texas/ND bowl game, the prevailiang outlook was that "Can't stop big Earl (Campbell)!"

But ND did, Earl got like 35 yards rushing. ANYBODY can be stopped, witness Larry Allen on Reggie White. White terrorized OTs/OGs for years, but when Larry played him, he was totally ineffective.

But since the post wanted a number, I'm agreeing with tyke1doe...


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14, but I see others potentially getting 15-20% more sacks than their average due to the Parsons factor. That would be huge if we could attack from multiple people and positions. Just helps to disguise the attack angles and keeps other QB and OL not sure where the blitz may come from...at least that's my hope.