MMQB - The Case Against the NFL Combine’s 40-Yard Dash

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    On the last night of the NFL combine, the convention center connecting downtown Indianapolis’s main hotels is eerily empty. Almost every coach who is unrelated to the defensive backfield has left town—this year, even several head coaches departed midday on Sunday, as did most agents and media. You’d never know a major NFL event was still going on… except for the cornerback and safety prospects practicing for their 40-yard dash in the convention center walkways, where the carpet is perfectly textured. It’s here when I’m reminded how stunningly stupid it is to include a 40-time in a player’s evaluation.

    “Take a player’s 40-time with a grain of salt,” everyone says. Even better? Don’t take it at all. A 40-time is like an SAT score: it carries an absurdly disproportionate significance for a short, specific period of someone’s life, and then, once that person joins the real world, it never factors again.

    Over the 10 combines I’ve attended, I’ve had some 400 meetings with NFL head coaches, coordinators and position coaches. Off the record, we discuss highly specific topics and watch select plays on film. And not once in these conversations has a current NFL player’s 40-time been referenced.
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    Of course it’s overrated and overhyped....that doesn’t mean it’s completely useless either. As always you have to match the play on the field to their timed drills.

    For instance, if you’re watching a WR and have questions on his ability to separate and then he goes to the combine and runs a 4.7 it’s confirmation on what you saw.
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