MMQB - Who Are the Defensive Linemen Expected to Dominate the 2019 NFL Draft?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Plankton, Jul 12, 2018.

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    There are a few simple things that you need to know about the 2019 NFL draft class, specifically the defensive linemen.

    Ohio State DE Nick Bosa is thought to be better than his brother Joey—who was drafted by the Chargers with the No. 3 pick in 2016—was at this point, and Nick might not even be the best defensive-line prospect in this class. And Clemson’s Dexter Lawrence, who grabbed the NFL’s attention after his true freshman season in 2016, will have to fight to be the third player drafted—he might not even be the first from his own school.

    If last year’s draft revolved around the quarterbacks, next year’s is shaping up to be about drafting players who will punish them. Tell an NFL evaluator that more than half of the guys drafted in the top 10 in April 2019 will be a defensive lineman, and you’ll be met with a shrug, and a nod. One college scouting director put it plainly via text: “If the top juniors declare, the 2019 defensive line class could be one of the deeper position in recent memory—at any position. There will good players drafted each day [at those positions].”

    In the coming weeks, there’s a good chance that Rams’ Aaron Donald and Raiders’ Khalil Mack reconfigure the way that defensive-pressure players are rewarded in today’s NFL, just like Ndamukong Suh and Von Miller did three years ago. And the surest bet there is going into the 2019 draft cycle is that next year’s defensive line class will affirm how the NFL values them.
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    Two words if we are awful in 2018.
    1. Ed
    2. Oliver

    Actually six words if we are awful in 2018
    1. Fire
    2. Jason
    3. Garrett
    4. Draft
    5. Ed
    6. Oliver
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    I think this years draft class for DL has the potential to be the BEST EVER of any draft class at any position group. With Oliver from Houston, Bosa and Dre’mont Jones for OSU, a minimum of three first round picks from Clemson, two from BAma, Jerry Tillery for Notre Dame two fist round picks from Mississippi State. And that’s just to start the list didn’t even make it to the west coast (PAC 12). This DL group is going to be the best position group of all time, and yes even better than the QB CLASS OF 83
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    This is the draft class where Dallas finds it's interior DT war daddy...
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    We should tank this year:laugh:, that or do what the Eagles did and somehow the entire NFL conceded a top pick to them for practically nothing, not even sure why so many teams laid out and let the Eagles do that.
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    Me personally don’t think they are that good. If the ball doesn’t go through Julio Jones open arms in the end zone they are out the first round
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    Christian Wilkens DT Clemson
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    A lot of hype for Bosa and I am not buying it. Nick is a solid player but is not the #1 draft pick in this class and most certainly not better than Joey at this point.
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    Dallas seems to take a look gun position in the first knowing a deep position will be available in the second or later. I expect them to take anything but DL in the fist and grab a leftover in the 2nd or 3rd. Especially if Marinelli is still the d coordinator
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    I hate to say it, but if it gets that bad we're probably in the QB business.

    But yeah, Oliver is a complete stud.

    Some recent DTs I've liked over the years;
    Mohammed Wilkerson
    Michael Brockers
    DeForest Buckner
    Malik McDowell

    Been wanting to see us invest properly at DT for a while now...
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    I agree. I don't see it. With Joey, it showed up tangibly on the field every Saturday. With Nick, it seems to always be what he can do, what he's possible of etc. Nick has a higher ceiling, but is by no means better than Joey at this point. That said, if he is a terror this season, he could be the first defender taken.

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