MNF Game Day Thread


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This should have been an easy game for the Seahawks to win. I can't believe how bad Wilson has gotten.

They're 3-7 this season, 2-5 with Russ. They're not a good team. Why would this be an easy game?

If you think Wilson is "bad" there are several NFL teams ready to disagree with you this offseason. Their line sucks, they can't run the ball, and the Legion of Doom is ancient history.


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Russell's entertainer wife would love to be in New York City. Daniel Jones isn't the guy. If I'm the Giants I make a hard play for Wilson.

But I agree, he's not going to Philly or Washington.
Yeah Giants are the only ones who make sense, I just wonder how much heavy lifting he wants to do at this stage in terms of the GM/coach/QB relationship. Really don’t think Judge and Gettleman cut it for him, but there’s enough talent there that he’d have to take a look. Gettleman’s probably on the way out anyways.