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More important for Jerry to showcase Cooper than win?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Blackrain, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Blackrain

    Blackrain Well-Known Member

    2,754 Messages
    3,687 Likes Received
    Got to believe Jerry wanted to prove to the world on MNF that the Cooper trade was genius on his part or why else are we throwing into double coverage on the goal line . That play was the beginning of the end of that game . Swung all the momentum IMO

    Would love to know whose call that was and why Dak didn't over ride it That was a horrible play call and execution by Dak . Dak used to be very careful with the ball and I really liked that now its a couple TOs a game and these were very much his fault
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  2. Jake

    Jake Curmudgeon

    19,465 Messages
    36,342 Likes Received
    Why do people think Jerry doesn't want to win? Because he doesn't win?

    Jerry can buy anything in the world, except another SB trophy. He wants to win. That he's failing so miserably is just comical at this point.
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  3. John813

    John813 Well-Known Member

    14,063 Messages
    18,455 Likes Received
    I believe he definitely wanted Cooper to have a big game to quiet the noise during the bye week.
  4. hutch1254

    hutch1254 Well-Known Member

    1,721 Messages
    505 Likes Received
    When I saw the play my first reaction was that it felt forced and had everything to do with trying to justify spending the first rounder.

    There is not enough profanity in the world that I can say out loud to make myself feel better at the moment and it would be all pointless anyway.
  5. Blackrain

    Blackrain Well-Known Member

    2,754 Messages
    3,687 Likes Received
    Agreed it just looked like we are going to force this issue instead of do what we do best and run the ball . Jerry just couldn't be satisfied with one TD he had to try and force another one in instead of letting it happen at its own pace
    hutch1254 likes this.
  6. Creeper

    Creeper Well-Known Member

    2,288 Messages
    3,100 Likes Received
    Cleaarly they were forcing the ball to Cooper early. It wasn't just the INT. No matter who called the play, its Dak's job to recognize double coverage and look somewhere else. If you need a demonstration of how the QB's decisions can effect the outcome, just watch Mariota on 3rd downs picking the defense apart. The Titans clearly saw something on tape that made them go to that screen pass about 6 times. Dallas never adjusted to it. It killed them.
  7. boysfanindc

    boysfanindc Well-Known Member

    4,555 Messages
    1,836 Likes Received
    The point of Cooper was to help us win.
  8. LucaBrasi

    LucaBrasi Sleeps with the fishes Zone Supporter

    4,723 Messages
    5,140 Likes Received
    Once the safety vacated and went with Cooper, Cole Beasley was WIDE open in middle of end zone. Bum qb stayed with 1st read...int
  9. daboyzruleperiod

    daboyzruleperiod ♡☆

    22,144 Messages
    53,494 Likes Received
    I really hope that Florio's assertion that the Joneses will need to cede power this off-season to acquire a top coach, ends up coming true. This is the biggest franchise in the NFL by a significant amount yet they try to "manufacture" good coaches out of people like Jason Garrett.

    He has no credible background that would lead you to believe he should coach the biggest football franchise. The Jones family needs to be willing to let go more on the football side. I respect what they have done over the years but they are currently failing the team. They are heavily biased in their decision to continue keeping Jason Garrett, a lifelong Cowboy that they handed the coaching job to as quickly as they possibly could.

    If they weren't biased he would have already been gone. Bring in an outside guy with no connection to the Cowboys and let them make changes on the football side. I fear that the team will either keep Garrett, or replace him with another guy with almost no track record.
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  10. Blackrain

    Blackrain Well-Known Member

    2,754 Messages
    3,687 Likes Received
    I think our only hope is if Jerry promotes Garrett to some assistant FO job and gets a new coach firing him means Jerry has to admit a long term mistake and I don't know if his ego will stand for that
  11. glimmerman

    glimmerman Well-Known Member

    17,523 Messages
    18,289 Likes Received
    Never saw Dak try to force a pass like that. Elliotbwas open in the flat. He better start looking his way more.
  12. cowboy_ron

    cowboy_ron You Can't Fix Stupid

    15,096 Messages
    23,983 Likes Received
    "Showcase" him for what? Of course we all wanted to see him play......not sure what you're looking for.
  13. Twisted Dawg

    Twisted Dawg Well-Known Member

    517 Messages
    707 Likes Received
    Wait until he hears the noise on draft night when the 5-11 Cowboys are picking #10 and Oakland makes the pick, especially if they pick a QB.
  14. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

    51,000 Messages
    47,358 Likes Received
    That was Dak being stupid.

    Jerry didn't throw that pass.
    DFWJC, CapnCook and jsb357 like this.
  15. brooksey1

    brooksey1 Zone Supporter

    3,717 Messages
    3,384 Likes Received
    I think Jerry called down to Linehan on the pick and said get Coop another TD
    Roadtrip635 likes this.
  16. cern

    cern Well-Known Member

    11,353 Messages
    15,689 Likes Received
    I think that play was all on Dak. He should have run or just thrown the ball away.
  17. acr731

    acr731 Well-Known Member

    3,213 Messages
    7,647 Likes Received

    I guess that means Kellen Moore is the next HC for Jerry to train.
  18. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

    53,766 Messages
    18,165 Likes Received
    The fans are very quick to say, just throw it, just throw it. There you go, you can't throw it when someone's not open.
    Blackrain likes this.
  19. Blackrain

    Blackrain Well-Known Member

    2,754 Messages
    3,687 Likes Received
    Totally agree just cant help think Jerry was pushing to feed the ball to Cooper to make the trade look like he was a football genius. He lives to be recognized as a football guy
  20. Blackrain

    Blackrain Well-Known Member

    2,754 Messages
    3,687 Likes Received

    Defiantly not especially, in a game thats basically win or your season is done .

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