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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Sep 18, 2019.

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    Its been awhile, life(work) sometimes gets in the way of time.

    I see some worried about the injuries, but this team has depth. Gallup will be missed but Moore is doing such a good job in the scheme that whoever they are putting in the game is getting open be design. This is the biggest difference between Moore and Linehan at OC. The plays are designed to get players open instead of players having to do it on their own.

    I think the one injury that could be a problem for Dallas is Xavier Woods. He's all over the place and is making plays in the backend that other players in the secondary dont seem to be able to make. So we will see what Thompson has, unless they plan to use Wilson at FS but thats doubtful because he's a SS.

    Im excited to see what Lawrence and Quinn can do on the field together. ill be more excited once the league reinstates Gregory.

    Dak is showing media that they should stick to reporting whats happening on the field rather then trying to be talent evaluators. And showing fans that maybe just maybe you dont know what ur posting about. A change in philosophy and scheme has turned him into #1 in the nfl in completion pct(82%), #3 in yards(674), #1 in yards per comp(10.9), tied #1 in TD(7), #2 in QB rating, 1# QBR. He doesnt need fans defending him because he's putting it out on the field in games. Pay this man.

    The OL is back to being the best OL in the NFL and its not even close. Dak has been sacked once and really hasnt been hit much at all. Guy is getting huge pockets to throw, and him and the RBs getting huge lanes to run. Tyron looks better then hes looked in a long time it seems. Frederick is back aswell which to me is more suprising then Tyron.

    The DTs need to put a whole game together. Theyre playing decent, but there are drives where they get pushed around. Collins doesnt seem to be a guy you want to pay big money too, more like a 5mil and under type of guy, Rotational guy. I think this has to be the top priority in the draft as of now. Wether one of these DTs step up at the 3tech or remains to be seen. But if this is whats going to the norm this yr then next yr they need to keep looking. Hill from the outside looking in seems like another Taco attitude. Again thats from an outside perspective which we have seen very little.

    I keep seeing that LBer play is bad, which is ridiculous. Its not bad its just thats the area teams are focused on and game planning. With Lawrence who still cant be 100% back from surgery teams are putting more emphasis on Smith and Vander Esch. The healthier Lawrence gets along with Quinn and eventually Gregory we will see more plays and better production across the entire defense because you cant block or game plan for everybody. This is what makes for very good defenses.

    Big props needs to be given to Kellen Moore. If he keeps this type of success i think you are looking at the next HC. Because youre not gonna keep him as a OC some team is going to snatch him up. We might be seeing the end of Garrett.

    Another big props needs to be given to the Jones' for all these extension being given out. People see the total money and they talk about the salary cap. These deals are all team friendly. Word is Dak is looking for a shorter deal to cash in again in 4 yrs. Jerry needs to sell him on a Tyron type deal. 8-10 yrs that allows him to restructure and make more money in guarantees. Dallas did this with Romo and he made alot of money over his career.

    Jerry and Stephen have learned from past mistakes and are building a team to last instead of yr to yr. Its exciting times to be a Cowboy fans, just make sure you dont miss it by thinking ur smarter then the team. Be a fan and root.

    Final thing, i think Dallas has found its slot for the future in Devin Smith. If he continues to do what he's doing i think the team will extend him before he can reach FA. He barely turned 27 so he has probably 4 prime yrs left. He's finally healthy and you can see the talent he's got. Blown S or not he already had Norman beat to the inside before said blown coverage was made. Devin got the side right off the snap. Maybe its not a TD but its a big gain even with the S help.

    Go Cowboiys:starspin:
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    Gregory & Quinn go along way to solving things
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    Yup, Gregory has improved every yr. Just a shame his illness and NFL rules have sidelined him. I know people are on both sides of the fence on this topic of weed. But the alternative is LEGAL drugs that are alot more addictive as player after player have said. NFL and its money from drug companies providing teams with these drugs are being exposed. But they keep trying to sweep addiction to these drugs under the rug. When Favre came out and said he was addicted the NFL stopped that topic up real quick.
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    I want to believe that but we keep churning DEs and the pass always is just "blah"........... not great, not awful.

    At this point, I'll believe we have a legit pass rush when I actually see it. I too am hoping Quinn is, somehow, the missing link.
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    Sean Peyton hit the scene under Bill parcels, and was soon gone to New Orleans as a head coach.

    Be interesting to watch k.moore in terms of a timeline as compared to s.peyton.
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    I’m thrilled with this team’s start. This is the best Cowboys team I’ve seen since maybe 2007.

    But this is a long 16 game season, and every good team will be tested by adversity and challenges you can’t see coming. It’s why they don’t crown anyone in September. This team is capable of winning it all. But we’re a long way from knowing exactly what this team will actually become.

    I’m hopeful and excited. But I guarantee there will be challenges ahead. The gateway to a championship is guarded by adversity. It’s time we showed we can overcome all obstacles. Go Cowboys!
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    Well from whats been reported lately, Elliot was in a crash that Jerry covered up for him before the rams game. And its been reported that he probably shouldnt have been on the field. Probably got a concussion. Its time we as fans stop blaming Jerry for playoff loses and start blaming the guys playing the games.

    I read thread after thread and pst after post about Dallas playing teams with injuries or arent good. Dallas has alot of players playing injured Or coming back from injuries or surgeries or holdouts.

    Elliot holdout
    Tyron surgery
    Martin injury
    Frederick yr off
    Lawrence surgery
    Crawford surgery
    Collins surgery
    Jones surgery
    Lee injury
    Cooper injury
    Devin smith injuries
    Witten retirement
    Jarwin injury

    This team is only going to get better as these players get 100% better from whatever kept them out at any point in the offseason.
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    Wilson played almost all of his preseason snaps at FS...

    Thompson did start 16 games at FS for another team in 2017.

    There have been zero attitude issues with Hill with regards to his time with the Cowboys.

    There is a radio interview from after the draft where his 2018 college D-Coordinator said there was not an attitude problem with Hill in regards to his relationship with Hill.

    The only attitude issue that has ever been confirmed is with regards to Hill's request to transfer with his original college coach but was blocked by the new UCF coach. Hill was upset about not being allowed to transfer.
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    I enjoy reading your posts as much as anyone on CZ, good to see you back...
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    Wow how long have you two been together?
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    Always a wise guy :) :) ;)

    But, since you asked, I started coming here in 2007 when The Ranch went south and became a a horrible forum. Never went back...
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    Great post Latin!
  13. TwentyOne

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    I dont have the same view of things. For now just a little note:

    I dont think SJ and JJ changed al lot. SJ has been becoming more involved and to me thats because of JJs age. But SJ was there before for a long time now and both could not handle the NFL demands.

    To me still Garett is the one who changed a lot in Dallas. From putting the right guys at the right positions to making SJ listening to those people before making decissions.

    The one thing that differs SJ from his father is that he is able to listen to people who actually know a bit about football. I dont even think SJ is making those contracts on his own. He has help also. I dont view JJ nor SJ as smart or intelligent persons. But again SJ seems to be able to put his ego in check where his fathers falters. But thats just my opinion.

    The biggest point people have against Garrett is, that they think he is not a good HC because he lacks football IQ. To me thats true. But also to me a NFL HC has to be more of a manager than a football specialist. Thats the job of the assistant coaches.

    And Garrett has assembled a good staff around him. Just look what our offense is able to do this year. Even with Garrett at HC. That to me is his approach: have all the pieces set in place. And to have those pieces in place thats where he puts his work in. He also established a great new attitude here. Just remember how the team played under Wade Philips. Last year when the season seemed to roll downhill the team still played hard. Thats a trait Garrett has and we should not underestimate it.

    There is a good interview with DeWare where he explains how a NFL HCs job differs from college and highschool. I think it was at undisputed.

    You can say whatever you want about Garrett. Dont like his mechanical style in interviews etc. I like what he brings to the franchise and hope he will stay here for a long time.

    Last but not least i appreciate your write up Latin. Keep up your good work!
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    Welcome back. The touchdown was beautiful play call. If the safety stayed back, Cooper would have scored the touchdown on the corner pattern he was running.
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    How dare you question my football genius?! I obviously know more about how to run and build a team than these clowns in the FO!

    LOL! JK, I like your post. I have been trying to get people to realize that these guys are being smart and doing a good job for going on close to the last decade now, but they don't want to hear it until they get #6!
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    While its good to defeat two division opponents, these are games against easy teams. So is Miami. But its starts to get harder after Miami and then we will get a true measurement of how good this team is. I think the defense is better than it has showed so far. As I have posted before, with the weapons Dallas has on offense and the OL protecting Dak as it has, I don't see how team can defend against the Cowboys offense. They have so many weapons on the field now.

    I expect some team will eventually try to blitz a lot to force Dak to throw under pressure. That will be a test for Dak. I expect some team to try to run it against the middle of the Cowboys DL at some point too. If they pass these tests I will admit they can go deep into the playoffs.
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    The state of the union...errr.... Cowboys
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    I think Moore is coaching the Skins next year, especially knowing Dan Snyder had McVay on the staff and what he has done with the Rams.
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    Great write up and can't disagree on anything but one thing. Wilson player a ton of snaps at FS in preseason. I thought he was a SS as well but he is just as good at FS.
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    The irony of a long post about player evaluation by a fan who starts it by telling fans they don’t know anything about player evaluation


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