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    Guess it is a New England Sports page


    And talk about the derp...

    16. Dallas Cowboys (8-8): Eric Ebron, tight end, UNC Gavin Escobar can continue to sit behind Jason Witten as the heir apparent “inline” tight end. The Cowboys could use a top-tier “flex” tight end like Ebron, who can take some pressure off wide receiver Dez Bryant as a vertical threat.
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    TE with 1st round pick when we have so much needs on the Defense side, especially DLine, smh,
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    Rather take Ebron than any WR not named "Sammy" or reach for a guy just because he plays defense.
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    Amaro is a better tight end than Ebron.
    Better hands and route runner and bigger body.
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    You all are SICK! Oh I get it, you are TROLLs!!
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    Amaro caught over 100 passes for almost 1400 yards with 7 TDs.
    He was a candidate for BOTH top WR and TE in the country.

    Ebron is a 245 pound guy who is a poor blocker that runs really fast but scored only 3 TDs this year. He caught literally 60% of the passes Amaro did last year.
    Drafting him mid round 1 or higher is pure insanity.
  7. jterrell

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    He will make someone a good HBack.
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    OMG, they had better not take a TE at all, let alone in the first round
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    A TE in the 1st round? That just might be enough for fans to take up pitchforks and torches and storm Valley Ranch. :eek:
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