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    Just recently joined the site and looking forward to debating and discussing the great game of football.
    1st bold statement, Dak Prescott is the guy and will lead the Cowboys to multiple SB wins in the near future. I'll take him over Goff , Wentz, Rosen etc 24/7 come @ if you disagree.
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    Welcome :oldcouple:
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    Welcome Dak Attack

    I concur :flagwave:
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    Look up Moderator Idgit, he's our "master debater".
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    Move over, I'm taking the throne.
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    Got some pressing bizzness needing to immediately be addressed,,, eh?o_O
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    Dak Prescott is just a Guy, since We've won nothing paying Him peanuts, why would We suddenly start winning SB's paying Him $25M+ PA?

    p.s This team is GM'd by JJ and coached by JG.
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    Because he is a franchise QB and won the playoff game as an underdog. If cowboys defense would ever showed up in LA that would have been a W.
    JJ & Steve roster management has been good and this upcoming draft will help shore up key weaknesses.
    -Tall rangy safety with 4.4 speed Jonathan Abrams
    -draft run stuffing DTs
    - Complete TE (Inline blocking along with receiving skills)

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  11. Corso

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    Lol... "come @".
    Get your butt on this board and throw some mud.
    Let's dirty this place up...

    In a clean way! heh heh...


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