NFL owners pass rule to place ball at 25 following fair catches on kickoffs


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Players know the risks. They are informed and can choose to not participate in a dangerous occupation.

It is getting ridiculous at this point. Either ban the sport or let guys choose to take the risks as informed adults.

There are lots of jobs and activities that aren't safe. Should we outlaw skydiving? People sometimes get killed doing that. How about bicycle riding? People get head injuries doing that.
These rules aren’t made to please yesterdays generations. They are made to keep tomorrows playing.


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if they want to limit high impact hits on kickoffs then just copy the xfl kickoff

people arent flying down the field high speed


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if i kick the ball and its fair caught at the 5 then the offense should start at the 5

that was the point of me kicking it short im expecting my coverage unit to stop them short of the 25 yard line

this rule is beyond stupid
Todays NFL is about offense.

A kickoff happens after a team scores. Its a neutral play. Kicking it into the endzone has always resulted in a touchback. First to the 20, then the 25.

Because the ball is live, unlike a punt, if its kicked short of the goaline, the returner only had the option of returning it. Cause if they let it bounce, hoping it would go into the endzone, theyd have to track it down and recover it. With the risk the kicking team could recover it.

So, with this being a neutral play, it really puts the receiving team (offense) at a disadvantage. And why should they be penalized because they catch the ball at the 1 vs catching it in the endzone?

Punts are different. Punts count as one of a teams downs. Punting is where you pin teams back near their endzone. Its the result of moving the ball. An extension of the offense so to speak.

I, as usual, seem to be in the minority here. I like the rule change. I think it balances out the neutral KO play. And it should make kickoffs more exciting.