NFL refs should be like NCAA refs

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by jwooten15, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. jwooten15

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    Minimally invasive and only occasionally noticed.

    Call the obvious penalties, have quick reviews, and keep the game flow going.

    You’d think the NFL could figure it out and learn something from the NCAA.
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  2. aria

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    I love watching college football so much more for a lot of reasons, better officiating and better rules being a primary one.
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  3. Blackspider214

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    Lmao what? Refs are just as bad in college. How many games do you actually watch? Big 12 and Pac 12 refs are abysmal. Keep the game flowing and quick reviews? Yeah, you definitely don't watch much. College football is anything but quick flowing.
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  4. Corso

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    I like the way pro Rugby does it.
    There needs to be a replay? The refs are mic'd and the replay plays as the ref is watching it for the fans in real-time.
    Everyone in the stadium hears and sees what they are doing. Total transparency.
  5. joseephuss

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    College officiating and replay is worse than the NFL. The officiating is part of the reason college games last so long.
  6. Techsass

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    What makes it even worse is when the guy in NY agrees with their blatantly wrong call.
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  7. jwooten15

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    The games take forever to finish because there are a ton of commercials, longer halftimes, and the clock stops after first downs.

    The flow of the game is much better than the NFL

    Its not my job to prove to you that I watch a lot of college football. If you disagree with what I said, cool. Move on.
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  8. jwooten15

    jwooten15 Well-Known Member

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    I think that’d be great! It’d speed the game up and cut out a lot of the conspiracy theories!
  9. Corso

    Corso Offseason mode... sleepy time

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    Right? Just mic up the refs and let the stadium and nation hear how they are going about their decision-making in real-time.
    Show the replays they are watching as they are talking about it so the crowd and TV viewers understand their decision.

    Not a difficult concept.
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  10. Tangle_Foot

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    Today's officiating reminds me of the medication commercials you see on TV. The first 30 seconds tells you how the medication can help you, the last 30 seconds warns you about all the potential side effects. In the end you're told to consult your physician as they consult replay and New York.

    Warning...NFL officiating can lead to anger, depression, excessive drinking, profanity and disinterest.
  11. Bleedblue1111

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    They put the NFL to shame. At least in the college games I`ve watched, which is not too many.
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  12. ItzKelz

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    I have faith in the NFL refs and their system......
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  13. Asklesko

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    See a doctor if your play reviews last more than 4 hours
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  14. xwalker

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    Totally agree.

    The NFL On-Field Refs are in a Union which contributes to a significant part of the problem.

    They resist change.

    The NFL has a team of people in a studio that have all the technology to review games but they have the On-Field Ref going over to a Tablet Computer to watch replays which is slow and less accurate. They do that because the Refs don't want to give up control.
  15. Seven

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    Better product, period. IMO.
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  16. ClearVision

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    Lol really?
    NCAA refs are horrible because they have no accountability. The conference always defends them
    I completely agree. NCAA refs are shockingly bad. If there is a easy way / hard way to do anything in college ( farm system ) football the refs will choose the hard way. Replay is comical. They stop a obvious catch to review it to confirm the call. I feel dumb watching it at times lol.
  17. big dog cowboy

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    It was a catch!

    Wrong thread?
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  18. GMO415

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    HS refs are worse. I was at a game Fri, one team had 240 yards in penalties
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  19. MarcusRock

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    You don't know sports fans either. Lol.
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  20. ClearVision

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