No Tyron?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WillieBeamen, Sep 20, 2020.

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  1. Philmonroe

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  2. MonsterD

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    Steele,Knight.Williams. Possibly that ex-Green Bay guy we signed from Cardinals, don't know his name, Light?
  3. DoctorChicken

    DoctorChicken Well-Known Member

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    Wouldn't losing both starting tackles give him MORE excuses?

    Your logic is infallible.
  4. Keithfansince5

    Keithfansince5 Well-Known Member

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    This is a long standing problem with Dallas. They seem to embrace players hype from the past instead of seeing their declining current play. Tyron is declining because his body is declining. He is not a dependable guy anymore. The fact that Dallas can't see this is a glaring issue. We have no plan B. Absolutely ridiculous. This line is in shambles. I don't see a win here.
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  5. Old'Boyfan

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    I've been saying for 2 years they need to plan for life without Tyrone. It would not surprise me at all if he retired after this year.
  6. WillieBeamen

    WillieBeamen BoysfanfromNY

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    For simpletons like you, maybe

    QB wants $40m? Put the team on your back and get us this win
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  7. Northern_Cowboy

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    Just like a guy named Wentz did to us last year at the end of the season playing without his starting right and left tackles and all his starting WR's not to mention a RB or two
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  8. ClappingCarrot

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    This is where McCarthy gets a chance to coach some boys up and show us what he's got.

    Huge glimpse into the future today.
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