Now the Off Season Begins, Sadly


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Well a dose of reality now that we are out of the playoffs. So what are we needing to take another step and what will we actually do.
Seems clear to me that the areas that need the most improvement are WR, OL, and DT. The trade of Amari Cooper hurt us in a number of ways from Dak having a go to guy that finally became Lamb and Schultz to defenses only having to worry about those two when defending us. The OL was a revolving door all year. The starting five are good to very good but we really didn't have the talent in reserves. On the DT, it has been the same thing every year in that we haven't and will not invest in a true run stopper.

Are we going to lose Quinn and/or Moore as coaches? Not so sure as there are plenty of options out there. Actually think Moore could be the 1st to go. As to McCarthy, he stays at least another year.

We have a number of decisions to make before the draft in resigning a few, not resigning a few, cutting a few and getting the draft board ready. It is fun to speculate who we will draft but it is like a spinning roulette wheel and you never know where it is going to land. We most likely stick with the best available player at a position of need unless the draft goes sideways and someone like Will Anderson falls out of the top ten then would bet the farm that Jerry goes up and gets him.

As to cuts and resignings it is hard to predict. Elliot could be a post June 1st cut although not sure except believe they resign Pollard. Don't think we cut Tyron Smith just because the OL needs help and no guarantees we sign a good free agent (we won't) or draft a good one high enough. Don't think we keep Schultz and if we don't then another key target for Dak gone again. Don't believe Anthony Brown back unless it is a sweet deal for Dallas.

So here goes what I think we do in the draft and just maybe a prayer for a good free agent or two. Going to go by position.

QB - Prescott, Rush - think we will bring in a couple of UDFA guys for camp but won't be surprised to see us look at free agents like Darnold, Mayfield, or maybe Davis Mills after Texans draft a QB at #2. As draft, could see us draft a Max Duggan or Bo Nix in 3 day picks.

RB - Pollard, Davis, Elliott - they could designate Elliott as a post June 1st cut but suspect he stays another year. Pollard really needs to be resigned. Could see them draft a guy in 4th round like Kendre Miller out of TCU who has similar quickness like Pollard although bigger.

TE - Ferguson, Hendershot, McKeon, Bunting - probably resign McKeon to 1 yr deal, only a miracle keeps Schultz around as he will get a nice offer for his services. If we draft one, it will be later rounds and the best available guy.

WR - Lamb, Gallup,Turpin, Fehoko, Tolbert - those are under contract but Fehoko probably cut, Tolbert will have one more year to prove something. Lots of good WR coming out in the draft but only 4 look like true 1st round guys and none will be there at #26 IMO. Free agents we could look at like DJ Chark, etc will be guys that take a 1 yr deal at the minimum. Best bet Cedric Tillman WR out of Tennessee in the 2nd round.

OL - Tyron Smith, Tyler Smith, Martin, Biadasz, Ball, Farnoik, Waletzko - are under contract, they most likely resign Steele. Wouldn't be surprised to see them bring in Jawann Taylor as a project since still young and can learn, same goes for Isaiah Wynn but could see him move to OG. At OG, Will Hernandez is a FA and Jerry has always liked him so if a cheap deal, could see it. McGovern could return but probably small contract. Draft wise at OG could be O'Cyrus Torrence out of Florida in the 1st, just a beast especially in the run game, could take over at LG as a rookie. John Michael Schmitz OC Minnesota could possibly be around late 2nd or even 3rd depending on what positions take on early runs. Brodrick Jones OT Georgia would be a great pick in the first although suspect he goes top 15. Mostly draft an OT that they can convert to OG in sixth or seventh.

DE - Lawrence, Williams, Armstrong, Gallimore, Odighizuwa, Golston, Bohanna - not sure all those stay, could resign to 1 or 2 yr deal especially if Quinn still here are Fowler and Watkins. Some believe that Cleveland is going to trade Myles Garrett and to the Cowboys is nothing but a pipe dream. Could see us taking Zach Harrison DE Ohio St if he is available to #26. Nolan Smith LB/DE Georgia in the mode of Parsons could also be the pick.

LB - Parsons, Cox, Clark, Harper - probably resign Vander Esch on a 2 yr deal, same for Barr, also could see them bring back McKinley for a look see. A number of FA that need change of scenery are there also. Smith out of Georgia seems the most likely candidate if not a DE or OT in first. I would look for that dark horse or Division 2 prospect in the late day 2 / day 3 area.

DB - Kearse, Diggs, Bland, Lewis, Hooker, Joseph, Wright, Bond, Mukuamu, Bell, Taylor-Stuart - don't think we bring Wilson or Goodwin back at least not initially. Safety is really in good shape and if Lewis isn't cut then CB is pretty good also. Quite a few FAs that might be a fit but suspect the 4th and/or 5th round we take someone like Josh Proctor from Ohio St.

Well that's it for now, lots will change over the next several months.