OBJ says everyone is cheap?


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Maybe OBJ is overrating himself. Someone needs to tweet that.

And he was supposedly talking with several other teams. Could be an overall statement as no team is going to give him $20 million per season.
I am in line with this thinking. I think OBJ thinks he's an elite WR still and should be paid that way.

He's not. And teams aren't going to pay him when you factor everything in................ coming off major surgery, hasn't played for a year, has his "drama" at times. I think teams are floating one year prove it deals or something like a 2 year deal and he's holding out for a 3-4 year, big guarantee type deal.

I'd be stunned if he ended up with some massive contract. I laugh at Jerry and Stephen waiting FA out until guys get desperate but this is one time, I absolutely would wait it out.


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Being one of the teams interested, one can only assume he's talking about Jerry and cap boy

Maybe, but there was a lot of interest in him at his workout. "They" could be every team that kicked around numbers with him. OBJ thinks hes worth 20 million, but no team has bit on that price. Perhaps boxed wine price could be 12-14 million a year, that may be totally fair considering his production the last couple of years.