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Every few years, we feature a short event to allow CowboysZone members a chance to request a username change and we have decided to do that again this week.

From today (April 4th) through Friday (April 8th), we are allowing all members to request a one-time username change.

To make sure your current reputation (good or bad) remains with your account, you MUST make your username request in this thread which is publicly viewable by all members.

The event will remain active as long as this sticky thread is in the Fan Zone and open to posting. Once it has been closed, we will no longer accept any username change requests.

If accepted, your username will be changed by April 10th.

Username Change Request Rules
  • Do NOT post in this thread unless you are requesting a username change for YOUR account. If you make a post commenting on other member username change requests, your account will likely be suspended.

  • Do NOT make more than one post in this thread. If you make more than one username request, the username listed in your FIRST post will be the one used, so make sure you have thoroughly thought through and decided the username you want before you request it.

  • Do NOT post any other post/reply in this thread unless it contains your username change request.

  • We will not accept any username requests sent by PM (private message/conversation) so make sure you post your request in this thread.

  • Your new username must fall within the CZ guidelines and the staff reserves the right to reject any requested name change.

  • Usernames cannot be sentences. It is a username, not a statement.

  • Usernames cannot contain spaces or non-alphanumeric characters except hyphens (-) and underscores (_) which can only be used once.

  • We will not accept username requests after this event ends! If you miss this event window, you will have to wait a few years until we hold the event again.


During this time, it is suggested that users update their email addresses. The process to validate user access to an account because of a bad email is tedious and long.
I’d like to change from Underdark to TheGoat73
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