***Official Superbowl LV Bucs vs Chiefs Game Thread***

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 7, 2021.

  1. pitt33

    pitt33 Well-Known Member

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    I think the officiating sucks.

    Those last two penalties were a joke. Evans barely got touched and took a dive.
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  2. InTheZone

    InTheZone Well-Known Member

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    blatant? Are you upset at the defense or officials? Chiefs defense is holding like no other
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  3. Buzzbait

    Buzzbait Well-Known Member

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    To say the least. It's hard to beat the Bucs and the Refs both.
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  4. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    Refs need to call it fairly
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  5. Cowboyz88

    Cowboyz88 Well-Known Member

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    Have the Bucs had any penalties?

    Asking for a friend.
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  6. HoplessCowboysFan36

    HoplessCowboysFan36 Well-Known Member

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    Wow, KC is never out of a game.
  7. reddyuta

    reddyuta Well-Known Member

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    the bucs were happy to run it and end the half but the chiefs gave them a TD with the 2 TOs.
  8. Jack Burton

    Jack Burton It's all in the reflexes.

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    Kc has dug themselves a hole. Still not counting them out though.
  9. AmericanCowboy

    AmericanCowboy Well-Known Member

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    Most ticky tack calls I’ve ever seen in a football game
  10. dmaschuck

    dmaschuck Active Member

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    I know right strange how that happens
  11. Fizziksman

    Fizziksman BanditHiro

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    just draft defensive line
  12. lurkercowboy

    lurkercowboy Well-Known Member

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    Lots of flags against the Chiefs tonight
  13. Wizarus

    Wizarus Well-Known Member

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    Coaching staff and refs are against the chiefs right now.
  14. gmb1

    gmb1 Well-Known Member

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    2 more TDs to make this happen
  15. WoodysGirl

    WoodysGirl U.N.I.T.Y Editor

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  16. BotchedLobotomy

    BotchedLobotomy Wide Right

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    No pointing!!
  17. Melonfeud

    Melonfeud I Copy!,,, er,,,I guess,,,ah,,,maybe.

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    *******! Ball wasn't even F***in' in the same county's ZIP CODE to warrant that Zebra yelloe ribbon award ,,,craptastic display ,,, o_O
  18. aria

    aria Well-Known Member

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    But Romo agreed with them?
  19. JoeKing

    JoeKing Diehard Zone Supporter

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    The GOAT being the GOAT.
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  20. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    Maybe this is us with a 21-6 lead had the Cowboys followed my advice and signed Brady to a 2 year deal last offseason.
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