PFF: Romo below average when pressured

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    QB Pressure Profiles: NFC East
    Steve Palazzolo | July 7, 2013


    It may be surprising to see Romo near the bottom of the list of quarterbacks when pressured, but that’s where he finds himself and he’s particularly poor when pressure comes from the interior. He’s not nearly as bad against tackle pressure, and his +0.3 grade when it comes from left tackle is his only positive among the offensive line positions. Romo is one of the league’s best when given time to throw, but the numbers don’t back up his public perception as a playmaker under pressure.

    Rest of Article with breakdown of all NFC East QBs including Romo can be found here:
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    Love to see the Zone is back to normal. I log in and there of the first five threads are about Romo being a choker and how we will always be losers with him at QB.
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    Yeah, it's back to normal. OP is a Packer fan too, so what do you expect?
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    every QB is below average when pressured. Especially when the pressure is right up the middle. The OP info is misleading, Romo is better than just about all the QB's in the league when presured
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    For those interested, these are the passer ratings under pressure for 2012 according to STATS.

    (Top 10 QB in overall passer rating)

    Griffin 94.3
    Roethlisberger 89.9
    Rodgers 67.9
    Brees 64.1
    Schaub 60.2
    Romo 58.9
    Wilson 47.8
    PManning 45.5
    Brady 40.8
    Ryan 22.3

    That's 2012 only. From that, we could estimate that Romo's career passer rating under pressure (70.7, says PFF) would put him in the top 3.
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    Romo does reasonably well under pressure, can't agree....
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    If you look at the QB ratings, you would also see that once again PFF grades are completley inconsistent with QB ratings. I put zero stock in them.

    And in reality, I wouldn't look at just one season in terms of how I judged a player, rather the makeup of their career, or at least the last few years. The only thing that the last season shows you is how things are relative to that year, and suggestions on what needs to be improved immediately.

    PFF is often times that kid that looks at stats, but doesn't look at the big picture or doesn't properly aggregate or compare the stats.
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    This is like saying "Running backs run for less yardage when there is no blocking"
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    PFF has zero cred....a total joke at times.
    Forget anything regarding Romo, all one has to do is just look at some their silly ratings and what goes into them.

    Your data from STATS is far more accurate.

    If some one uses PFF, the really must use a disclaimer.

    OP should apologize for even using that stuff as if it's real data.
    One can only assume it was there to push an agenda? I don't know for sure.
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    I wonder if PFF writers ever watch football. Romo is outstanding under pressure, and anybody who actually WATCHES him play, should know that.
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    Really don't get why everyone objects to this. Romo is great at eluding pressure but he absolutely is a little short for a QB and pressure (especially from the middle) rattles him big time. Factor in how bad our interior protection was last season and obviously Romo isn't going to grade out well no matter the criteria.
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    LOL, what an idiot.

    OK, let's list the quarterbacks who excelled when pressure came up the middle.

    That list would include nobody.
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    show me a QB that does not get rattled at pressure right up the middle
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    And then what?

    Yeah they all struggle. Last year Romo did worse than most, especially early in the season when he was in a slump. No big deal.
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    At least they're a good resource for career passer rating under pressure. I can't find that anywhere else.:D

    When they finish this series of division-by-division articles in a few days, I'll post the career list of passer rating under pressure for all active QB, where Romo will be around the top 3.
  16. percyhoward

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    Unless that criterion is passer rating.
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    I don't understand how ANYONE could determine that Romo sucks at QB and needs to be replaced. Yet "Cowboy Fans" spew that on a daily basis here. The only thing I can figure is that they don't watch all the games but instead just tune in occasionaly for a few minutes. They tune into ESPN later in the day or on Mondays to get their water cooler takes. It use to be frustrating, but now it's amusing. I can't wait for Romo to lead the Cowboys to a championship to see what they come here and say afterwards. I guess I could just watch ESPN to find out.
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    Funny. But, I agree with SP overall here. I don't think this was lost on the team. There's a reason why Jerry made the point of bringing in an interior OL in the first round.
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    I think here you're talking about Romo-under-pressure in 2012 vs. Romo-under-pressure in his career, as opposed to Romo-under-pressure vs. other QB.
  20. Idgit

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    Yep. Just talking about the issues from last season that they've since addressed.

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