News: PFT: Byron Jones: Dallas' lack of interest had to do with CBs on roster, not money

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    Byron Jones: Dallas' lack of interest had to do with CBs on roster, not money - ProFootballTalk


    It became obvious long ago that the Cowboys wouldn't be able to keep Byron Jones. With Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott also having their contracts expire after the 2019 season, Dallas had to set its priorities. The priority wasn't Jones.


    But in a conference call with Dolphins writers Thursday, the cornerback said he thinks the Cowboys’ lack of interest in re-signing him had more to do with the other players the team has at the position than the money they don’t have.

    “I don’t think so,” Jones said when asked if Cooper and Prescott’s returns was the reason he didn’t. “One thing that the Dallas Cowboys do a really good job at is drafting good, young players, and they have a whole bunch of good corners on that team – no question about that – and those guys will be just fine without me. But they believe strongly in the way they draft, and they’ve shown over the years they draft some freaking ballers no matter [if it is the] first round, seventh round, guys in between. They draft and develop really good players, so I don’t think the Dak and Amari’s situation had any effect on me. I think it’s their confidence in the people that they have on the roster now and who they’re going to get in the draft hopefully.”

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    It clearly had to do with both. If money were no object they would have kept Jones, but if they didn’t have 3 other CB’s that have logged significant playing time they would likely have found the money.
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    good dude.
    helluva player.
    better person.
    not surprised at all he took the high road and showed confidence in his 'boys back there.
    good dude.
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    Jones showing a lot of class. Fair winds and following seas man.
  5. rocyaice

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    I liked Byron. Good guy. And I believe him. Much better way to leave the Cowboys than what Cole Beasley did......
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    The defense was terrible even WITH this dude. He's obviously good, but Dallas needs to shore up other defensive positions first
  7. Tangle_Foot

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    Seriously I had forgotten who signed him, I think I should be ashamedo_O
  8. darthseinfeld

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    I do think they will extend Awuzie before the season starts
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    Meh press trying to start drama, good for him for not going there.
  10. CapnB

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    BJ is one cool dude. Gonna miss that dude wearing a star
  11. Paradox

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    Great guy and hell of a player. Been proud of this guy as a since we drafted him. His response doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I've always had high praise for Jones. The Dolphins are also not a team I hate, so I don't mind him being there.
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  12. gimmesix

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    Yes, it's why we knew we wouldn't keep him. Dallas is seeing CB as a position where it can not spend big because of what it has ... and that's even before re-signing Brown. I believe the team sees Lewis and Awuzie as its starters, and I'm not sure that's a good plan without a better backup plan than Brown and Canady.
  13. RS12

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    No sale. Even this clown car of a FO knew this guy wasn't worth that much of the cap. I can deal with a bad tackler if you make plays at corner. He didn't.
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  14. ksadler1

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    BJ knows this is a business and he's smart enough to know not to burn bridges if he ever wants the opportunity to play in Dallas again. Not saying that will happen but you never know...
  15. Nav22

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    Good player but his time here was up.

    No INTs in 40 straight games is a joke. The ball’s in the air and he doesn’t even try to turn around to get his hands on it.

    Our defense has been allergic to takeaways. Jones needed to go. It’s time for a culture change.

    When our other DBs see that the Pro Bowler of the group isn’t making any plays - EVER - why would they feel any pressure to make a play? They wouldn’t.
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  16. DJordan23

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    A much better way indeed. #RESPECT
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  17. Hawkeye0202

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    Nothing but respect .......Our regret was taking 3-4 years to figure out his best position was CB. Like said before, his situation kinda reminds me of former Redskin/Bronco CB Champ Bailey. He'll play a long time and in the end, no one will hardly remember he was drafted by the Cowboys.
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  18. ScipioCowboy

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    To be fair, I’m curious what Lewis will do with coaching staff that doesn’t hate him.
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  19. The Natural

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    Thats kinda what happens when you dont do anything worth remembering.
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  20. dwreck27

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    Better be at 8-10mill range

    dude is average at best.... BURNT toast
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