Philly tanks game

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by atlantacowboy, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. atlantacowboy

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    So, they pulled Jalen Hurts who was playing well for Nick Sudenfeld who went out and threw 2 INTs. There is no way Philly wasn't thinking about their draft position when they pulled Hurts.
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  2. lkelly

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    I can imagine Mara was on the phone with Roger last night. I expect there were angry gamblers and sports books as well. A very bad look for the NFL. If I’m an even mildly frustrated Philly player who wants out, I’m going scorched earth on social media throwing my coach or GM under the bus.
  3. Wolfpack

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    That’s typical low rent philly football.
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  4. nightrain

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    Funny, tanking was en vogue this site a few weeks ago.
  5. Blackspider214

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    Oh stop. Hurts is not a good QB at all right now. He's a one trick pony who has no real accuracy. You telling me taking out a guy who was 7/20 with 70 yards is tanking? Their 3rd string looked just the same.
  6. Furboy

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    Maybe the NFL will finally begin using a draft lottery?
  7. Califan007

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    Hurts completed 35% of his passes for 72 yds, no TDs and 1 INT, and played up until the 4th quarter.

    Sudfeld threw 1 INT, not 2.

    In the 2nd half before being pulled, Hurts was 2/8 for 7 yards, ran twice for 7 yards, and had 3 poorly thrown incompletions inside the WFT 10 yard line with the drive resulting in zero points and a turnover on downs. This is after going 2/6 for 24 yards and an INT in the 1st quarter. He had 2 rushing TDs but he brought next to nothing to the passing game and Washington's defense put a stop to his running threat (I think with a spy a lot of the time). That's not exactly the type of production that keeps you on the field, especially when you've only won 4 games and it's the last 15 minutes of the season and your starting QB over the last 4 years is pretty much out the door once the game is over. I'm not saying draft pick wasn't on his mind, but Hurts was hardly playing well.
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  8. Blackspider214

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    Don't use logic in here. Fans just want to throw out this stupid narrative because it makes them seem cool and edgy.

    Hurts sucks. He might be worse than Wentz actually. Pulling him wasn't tanking or did not cost them to lose. Eagles are in last place for a reason. They suck. And have no QB worth anything this year. But the NY media is running with this and up in arms. They are really upset because their 6 win team isn't going to the playoffs lmao.
  9. INCowboysFan

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    Didn't watch the whole game, but to say Hurts was playing well is patently false. 7/20 for 72 yds, 1 int and 1 sack. QB Rating of 25.4 tells me he was playing like poop. The fact that they put in Sudfeld instead of Wentz it telling though.
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  10. csirl

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    Pittsburgh didnt bother even kitting up their starting QB and several other starters in a game with playoff implications and nobody complains?
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  11. Flamma

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    I'm guessing it was the timing. When Hurts was pulled. Had Sudfeld started i don't think there would have been an issue.
  12. Flamma

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    Angry gamblers? Really dumb gamblers if they bet Philly. Gambling is not for them.
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  13. Longboysfan

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    Pittsburgh did not pull all their front liners.
  14. Reverend Conehead

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    I'm normally skeptical of claims of tanking, but this claim may actually be true. If so, that's sad and pathetic. These players and coaches are paid handsomely to play a sport that's all about winning. They're supposed to play to win. Someone needs to play a tape of Herm Edwards for them. You could be 0 and 15 and about to face the defending Super Bowl champion, and you should do everything possible to win the game.
  15. kskboys

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    Chad Henne started for the Chiefs. Is it OK for the Chiefs to tank a meaningless game?
  16. Pape

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    yes it is
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  17. C42

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    Is throwing 35%, a pick, and 72 yards going into the 4th really “playing well”?
  18. C42

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    Wentz was inactive, I agree with the rest though.

    My thing is even if we did tank, which is possible, so? Lol

    Don’t rely on a 4 win team to get your 6-win team into the playoffs is a lesson that shouldn’t have had to have been learned. I think this entire situation is overblown.
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  19. KB1122

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    Good for them. Smarter than they look.
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  20. Flamma

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    The Eagles did the league a favor by not allowing a 6-10 team into the playoffs.
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