Pink Floyd's Time reaction video

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by darthseinfeld, Aug 15, 2019.

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    While I appreciate Pink Floyd every single time I listen to them, watching the reaction of someone appreciating them for the first time had me saying (out loud), "That's right, you DO need to put headphones on! Yeah, if you'd heard them in high school, it would have changed your life!". Lol

    I'd like to see his reaction after listening to the whole album.
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  3. JohnnyTheFox

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    "That speaks to the soul"
    Yep, pretty much. Probably the best rock album of the last 50 years.

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    You know it's funny RWB, there are so many really, really great Songs that generations of people are unaware of, and you're right, this is one of those songs, one of those albums. Most people live in their own moment and it's unusual when you find somebody that lives life across time. It's not the way we were designed, I'd imagine. Although, sometimes you find people like that and sometimes, you watch the reactions of society. We are conditioned to get up, do our job, face our responsibilities and provide for our families. After a certain point, most of us lose sight of the abstract or the creative and get focused on the existential. That's kinda what this song is about to me. When you are young and full of hope, you feel like time is there and you have plenty of it. As you get older, you come to the realization that time is fleeting and it really is shorter every day. Young people don't normally realize the passage of time until it's too late and they don't value it until too much of it has passed. Older people resent the waste of it because they realize that it really is precious. You see older people try to explain this to the younger but they young don't listen and why should they? They have plenty of time right? The best part about being young is the enthusiasm and the confidence. When you are young, you tell yourself that you are smarter, you are stronger, you will not make the same mistakes, all the while, you are making the greatest mistake of all. You are repeating it over and over, following in the footsteps of your Forefathers. As an older person, it's maddening. You try to explain it, you try to make people understand, your experience allows you to see the mistake while it's happening and yet, there is nothing you can do. The young will not listen and the old do not have the capability to bridge the gap.

    I sometimes think it's God's little way of creating amusement.

  5. Runwildboys

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    When you really think about it, if the young were to listen to the elders and ponder the passing of time, they might make such an effort to make the most of it that they forget to enjoy it. This may be one of those instances where ignorance truly is bliss.
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    Oh, don't get me wrong RWB, there is a design to all things and this, IMO, is not exception. This is how life insures that each generation gets to live their own lives, rather then the lives of those who came before them. It provides a certain equality, if you will. Still, there is nothing that says God can't have a little fun along the way and this, to me, is one such example.

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    It's difficult to imagine a time when literally everyone you knew had a particular album.

    This one.
  8. Runwildboys

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    Or they came to your house to light up, turn out the lights, and listen.
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    Thank you, @darthseinfeld for the reaction video. I've been enjoying quite a few. It's so much fun to see people react for the first time to songs we're familiar with. It's strange, but lots of fun.
  10. SlammedZero

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    I love that track. It's a deep one and unfortunately it hits home for all of us. The pages are flying off the calendar anymore. :(
  11. Vtwin

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    "Don't go!"
    With a genuine look of dismay.
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  12. YosemiteSam

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    You know, when I saw my first "reaction" video I thought it was cool. Then when I saw so many people doing them; I quickly realized they are 100% fake and they are nothing more than click bait. I bet most never listen to these songs again. lol

    They are creating video that appeal to peoples personal likes and it makes the watcher feel good so they keep watching other reaction videos of songs they like.

    Go watch a reaction video of a song you do not like and see if you feel like watching more of those! :laugh::lmao::lmao2:
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  13. jsb357

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    and one could argue, one of the best guitar solos ever recorded...
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  14. Big_D

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    Gilmour is ridiculous. Just unbelievable.
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  15. Boom

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    I'm jealous of him getting to listen to it for the first time. Just imagine that he has albums worth of mind-blowage to enjoy initially.
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    Yeah, but then imagine when he gets to Atom Heart Mother. Lol
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