***** Please STOP posting rumors about playoff changes! *****

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We have had to delete multiple threads from random non-official sources that claim that someone they know told them that they heard there might be this or that happening.

We ONLY allow rumors to be posted here when an official source states that it IS going to happen.

Not "maybe". Not "might happen". Not "being considered."

We all love rumors, but situations like this provide a lot of desperate media wannabes with a chance to make a name for themselves by throwing things against the wall and hoping something sticks while also knowing that if it turns out false everyone will forget about it.

When ESPN, PFT, NFL, etc. posts an article stating there will be changes or the NFL is about to announce changes, then you can post it!

That said, if those sources are saying "maybe", "being considered", "might happen", etc. then that's not post worthy. That's just click-bait for those sources.
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