READ THIS *** Political comments, references and images are not allowed on this site! ***

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There has been an increase in political posts recently, so before accounts start getting suspended, I wanted to remind everyone that we do not allow political posts, comments, discussions, references, images, videos, etc. on this site. This includes phrases and labels commonly used to define, insult, attack, etc. people based on their political beliefs.

There are plenty of sites on the internet for political discussions and content, so there is no reason to infect this site with hatred, insults and attacks from either side.

Even if you think you slipped something by the staff, there are plenty of users on the site who will report those posts hours and days later, so you might want to think hard before you decide to break this rule!

The season is getting close and I really would hate to see anyone banned from the site simply to get that one shot or comment in when it will be reported and deleted anyway.

This will be the final warning!
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