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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Furboy, Mar 12, 2019.

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    I will admit that I didn't watch any of the combine, nor have I attempted any mock drafts considering our lack of first round pick (I still might at some point). However, I have a list of players here that I like the look of considering our lack off first round pick. I've found them on Walter Football. These are in no particular order.


    • Oshane Ximines Old Dominion DE (). Considering we don't have much in the way of DEs outside of DLaw who's really upset at the FO, we do need to take a DE quite high. This chap is rated between 2-4, but I really like his video. He could be a very nice find in round 3 for us.
    • Marvel Tell USC Safety - I saw a video that I will not post here as it was a video with a song full of expletives. However, if you wish to see a video of him, he's quite good. WF has him between 3-5, so I shall go with 4th round for him.
    • Khalen Saunders DT Western Illinois - Yes, a small school bloke, but he's massive! I again will not indulge the creator of the best video I've seen of him as for some reason these videos seem to have a need to put music in that I don't think is appropriate for this board. However, he looks like a massively underrated DT, and a very good 1 tech.
    • Undrafted pick - Olive Sagapolu DT Washington - WF has him as Undrafted, but I like this chap. Videos of him show me that he's quite underrated. I wonder if he got injured at some point? Because his videos sure look good.
    • Terry McLaurin WR Ohio State - WF says 3-4, but says that he's quite fast. Considering our likely slot needs, probably a good choice.
    • John Ursua WR Hawaii - WF says 6-FA, but I like this bloke. He's 5'11 and 175, but I think he'd make a very good slot WR. - For once, a video that I can use of this player. I think you can see that he could be a good option for us either late in the draft or after the draft. I think he's quite underrated.
    • Dalton Risner OT Kansas State - Let's face it, we could use some help at the oline. Smith is starting to break down, and Collins can be a bit iffy at times. Oh, and Connor Williams didn't quite live up to snuff last season. Hopefully that changes. Luckily, this chap could help us. - there's a very professional video of him, and you can see how useful he can be for us.
    • Dax Raymond TE Utah State - Well, yes, it's nice to have Witten back, but we could really use another TE. Dax is rated by WF as 3-5, but () shows that he could be quite a good TE. He'd learn a lot from Witten, and the video shows me that I think he can block quite well. I quite like the look of him.
    • Nik Needham CB UTEP - don't mind the chit-chat, but the videos of him in action were quite impressive to me. Can't have enough CBs, can we? WF says 4-6 with him, and I think he's worth a go.
    • Josiah Tauaefa ILB Texas-San Antonio - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiJY7L--qWo - We've got a very good LB core of course, but he'd really boost our LBs. WF says 3-5 with him, but another good player.
    Feel free to add more players you like here and let me know what you think of these players.
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    Not real impressed with this group.

    Oshane Ximines has a lot of sacks vs lower competition and he is slow.

    John Urusa not sure he is the next Cole Beasley. I don't even think he could have beaten out Ryan Switzer.

    Dax Raymond is a little short as a TE.

    Daltoin Risner had a bad combine,so he is not a great athlete. We really do not need a OL guy

    We do not need aniother CB. We have 4 solid corners.
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    Fair enough, as I said, I haven't done a lot of research on them. Though, Urusa, I think, is a bit underrated. The videos I've seen of him give me the impression that he will make a fine slot WR. Maybe he's not a Beasley clone, but I'm not sure a lot of people knew that Beasley would be the Beasley we know him to be when we got him. I think we'd be very happy to have Urusa as a slot WR.
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    Risner could very well be a first rounder.
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    I could see that.
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    I like the list.
    Id love Dalton Risner...he has a nastiness to his game and he can play all 3 spots...T,G and C.
    Oshane Ximines....needs to get stronger but I like him off the edge.
    Dax Raymond is one of the TEs I like...athletic,good hands.
    McLauren might be an option to replace 11.
    and Saunders would be outstanding at 58.
    good job.
    looking forward to seeing your mock if you do one.
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    Raymond will drop because of age and we know they have shown interest.
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    Yes, so maybe he's in our range, and he did look good in the videos I've seen.
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    What’s the difference between a chap and a bloke?
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    Chap is upper class, and bloke is working class.

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