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Despite our Forum Rules clearly stating that we do not allow personal insults and attacks, we have been lenient with members who post them more than we should have .

We have tried deleting posts and even thread-banning members but some members simply refuse to follow the rules, and even worse, they start publicly complaining about the moderation when all we are attempting to do is keep this site as friendly and social as possible.

The internet is saturated with hate, vitriol, anger and frustration and there are many sites out there that welcome that nastiness because they care more about traffic levels than they do their communities.

CowboysZone has never been about the traffic. It was put online years ago to provide Cowboys fans with a place to get together and talk about our favorite team without being harassed by fans from other teams.

Never did I imagine that even worse insults and attacks would resonate from within the CowboysZone community itself simply because someone, who has no impact on what the team does, dares to disagree with another member's enlightened, and apparently unchallenageable, opinions.

If everyone on the site likes a player or everyone on the site hates a player it will have no impact on what the Cowboys do, so stop acting like someone disagreeing with you is the end of the world!

Everyone needs to remember we are all Cowboys fans and while we all have our opinions on what is wrong with the team and how to fix it, we all want the same thing in the end which are Super Bowl wins.
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