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Discussion in 'Roster Zone' started by MiddleStar, Aug 17, 2018.

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    BTB for the last few years did a Roster Builder program. In it you could see which players were eligible for the PS. They evidently aren't doing it this year. Has anyone seen a list of players on the roster that are PS eligible this year?
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    I havent, but I'm leaving a comment in case someone else has and posts it.
    Thats very important info
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    How is a player eligible for the practice squad?
    In order to be eligible for the practice squad, players must meet one of the following requirements:

    • Have no prior Accrued Seasons in the NFL (An accrued season is six or more games on the active roster);
    • Have one prior Accrued Season in which the player was on the 46-man active roster for no more than 8 games;
    • Each club will be permitted to sign a maximum of 4 Practice Squad players who have earned no more than 2 accrued seasons of free agency credit;
    • If served two seasons on a practice squad, are eligible for a third season only if the team has at least 53 players on its active/inactive list for the duration of that player's employment.
    • A player has served one season on the practice squad if he is on the practice squad for at least 6 games. The rule previously required 3 games on the practice squad roster.
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    Sooo... all the rookies and any 2nd year guy from last year's practice squad.
    Any player that was on the practice squad 2 years in a row or spent 1 year on IR plus 1 on PS is also eligible.
    Rico Gathers is practice squad eligible.
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    Glad to see Bo Scarbrough landed on the practice squad. It may take some time for him to develop but I bet he's only gonna get better
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    Scarbrough is the one rookie,besides Gallup, I am excited about that I believe is going to make a big impact once he gets a little more seasoning.

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