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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by LatinMind, Feb 18, 2020.

  1. LatinMind

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    Cameron Fleming, Tyrone Crawford

    Zack Martin, Tyron Smith

    Dak Prescott, Robert Quinn, LP Ladouceur, Malcolm Smith, Blake Jarwin, Randall Cobb

    Amari Cooper traded to IND
    Dallas gets IND 13 overall and 34 overall and IND gets 17 overall and Amari Cooper

    HaHa Clinton Dix S, Tyeler Davison NT, Sheldon Day DT, Geronimo Allison WR, Brett Hundley QB


    Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina

    Jalen Reagor WR TCU

    Kristian Fulton CB LSU

    Thaddeus Moss TE LSU

    Shyheim Carter CB Bama

    Alex Taylor T Auburn

    Rodrigo Blankenship K Georgia

    2020 STARTERS

    QB Dak Prescott
    RB Ezekiel Elliot
    WR Michael Gallup
    WR Jalen Reagor
    WR Randall Cobb
    TE Blake Jarwin
    LT Tyron Smith
    LG Conner Williams
    C Travis Frederick
    RG Zack Martin
    RT La'el Collins

    LDE DeMarcus Lawrence
    DT Javon Kinlaw
    NT Tyeler Davison
    RDE Robert Quinn
    LB Leighton Vander Esch
    LB Jaylon Smith
    LCB Chidobe Awuzie
    RCB Kristian Fulton
    SLOT Jourdan Lewis
    FS Ha Ha Clinton Dix
    SS Xavier Woods
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  2. DanA

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    I’d be okay with that but it’s predicated on a trade that gets us more than the Panthers got for Clowney.
  3. fansince68

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    Panthers/Clowney? Did I miss something?
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  4. cnuball21

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    There is no way we’d get a 1st and 2nd for a year rental of Cooper.
  5. DanA

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    Oops, I meant Texans.
  6. Cowboyny

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    Very unrealistic. We traded a late #1 pick for Cooper, now we are getting far more compensation when a team also has to resign him to a large contract. Fulton is considered the #2 CB in the class, there is no chance he is available late in rd 2. Appreciate the work putting this together, but it needs to be a bit more realistic.
  7. numnuts23

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    You are trading up a couple spots and getting a 2nd only. Doesn't seem too unrealistic
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  8. Sydla

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    We'd be giving them 17 as well.
  9. Sydla

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    I'd take this in a heartbeat. Sheldon Day is an interesting name I have not seen mentioned much in FA. Also, you and I seem to be in a small minority on Clinton-Dix. I'd love him here.
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  10. Bigdog

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    I played a draft game simulator (first pick) the other day and it had Tua and Hebert there when we picked at 17. Had a lot of good trade offers but turned them down and went with Tua. Really like that kid(like Dak too but Tua skill set I think is better). Now that is really unrealistic because both of those qbs will not fall out of the top ten.
  11. Creeper

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    I like the trade up with Indy to get a shot at Kinlaw, but I don't see Indy making that deal even if we don't ask for their 2nd round pick.

    Everybody in the world knows the Cowboys will be looking for a DT. Kinlaw could go as high as 8 but I don;t think he gets past the Raiders at 12. I also think is he gets to 12, the Raiders will be willing be getting a lot of calls from teams looking to leapfrog the Cowboys. This assumes Kinlaw gets a clean bill of health at the combine and does not do miserably in the combine drills.
  12. visionary

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    I like it
    Only difference I would have is that I would get the best TE I can find in FA to pair with Jarwin
  13. Future

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    This team, again, is worse.

    I like this draft, unrealistic as it is, but you can't lose both Jones and Cooper and expect to be better. Kinlaw is the only upgrade, and you've gotten considerably worse at corner and WR.
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  14. ChuckA1

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    I'd trade Cooper for Kinlaw solely because when Cooper's on, he's unstoppable, but when he's not, he disappears. Are we certain Kinlaw isn't off the board at 13?

    PS- I like Cooper, both as a player and a man. His play is spotty though.
  15. rickster14

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    Alex Taylor is NOT from Auburn
  16. Paintrain4978

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    Don’t think Fulton is gonna be there in the 2nd. He’s arguably the 2nd best CB in the draft after Okudah.

    I love the Kinlaw and Reagor picks.
  17. garyv

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    Fulton in the 2nd and Moss in the 3rd probably not happening
  18. Aven8

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    Like almost everything except Hundley. That dude is trash and can’t throw
  19. tyke1doe

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    With this being a deep wide receiver draft, I don't see the Colts trading us for Cooper when they could get a younger, faster, less expensive Cooper in Jerry Juedy and keep their second round pick.

    But, hey, fantasies are what mock drafts are all about. :thumbup:
  20. LatinMind

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    Whats unrealistic?

    Cooper holds alot of trade value.

    Think the team would spread the ball out more with a better coaching staff, eliminating the need for a guy like Cooper. When they were spreading it out they were at their best. I really like Cooper but i would rather this team pay big for Gallup. You end up paying Cooper you probably lose Gallup later. You lose Cooper you probably end up with Kinlaw and Reagor. That makes alot more sense for me.

    Id take Gallup, Reagor, Cobb, Devin Smith, Cedrick Wilson all for the price less then Cooper's cost.

    That 19 mil youre going to spend on Cooper could add Cobb, and probably keep a player like Quinn.

    Byron Jones gives up less than Awuzie because Richard would cover Jones with help. Awuzie was left on a island. Jones gives up big down catches. Teams would run inside routes on Jones and were constant first downs.

    I dare you to go rewatch games from 2018, and 2019 and dont think about PFF rankings, and just watch him and you will see he might not give up alot of receptions. But in big moments he will give it up.

    in 2018 down the stretch 3 last games of the yr and the playoffs, Dallas def gave up 5 TD passes, Jones gave up 3.

    Jones is very athletic, but he's not a good CB. He doesnt read the QB well. He doesnt play the ball. He doesnt fit the role McCarthy and Nolan want their DBs to play. If you go back on both of these coaches defenses they have DBs who attack the ball and get turnovers.

    Awuzie, Lewis, Woods, and you can even throw Heath in there as players that play the way they want them to.

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