Video: Rams and Eagles most vulnerable

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gridiron Man, Jan 12, 2019.

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    This is why a matchup with the Eagles at home appeals to me. They advanced with the double doink against a team who's QB struggled all game long. If they found a way to another ugly win, we likely run the table with them all the way to the Super Bowl.

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    There are no good choices if you make it to the NFC Championship game. The Saints at home would be a very difficult game. But if the Eagles beat the Saints at home today, they will get a huge confidence boost for the next game. They will be on roll riding high on confidence and momentum.

    But let's not get ahead of ourselves. The Cowboys have to beat the Rams on the road. The Cowboys are 3-5 on the road and they are facing a team that won 13 games during the year. remember the last Rams game? The Rams scored every time they touched the ball in the second half and won the game. The Rams may be a better team now and they are a lot healthier than the Cowboys. I think we will know early on if the Cowboys have a chance to win this. If the Rams score early and a get a lead on Dallas it will be a long day. The Cowboys defense will not to be more than hot, they will need to be on fire.
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